Friday, March 21, 2008

Status update

This is just a copy/paste from an email I wrote to my family:

Yesterday I got some Glade Flameless Scented Candles (3) from Walgreens, they paid me $1.01 each to take them out of the store. This weekend I am planning on getting a new sink scrub brush - I will have to pay for that but it's 50% off, and I'm going to get more free Excedrin and some free oven cleaner. I'm especially excited about the oven cleaner, my oven seriously needs help. That's all the free stuff I know of so far, we'll see what else pops up. Something usually does! Let's see... tonight if the rain holds off Geoff is gonna mow the lawn and then we're both going to work on getting the yard cleaned up... with all the rain you just have to weed constantly in the spring. The front and back and side yards all need to be weeded. I'm going to plant some basil inside - I will keep it inside for a month or so then move it outside to a big half barrel planter we have. Did you know that in the US it is illegal to make more than one batch of whiskey in a barrel? That's why there are so many half whiskey barrel planters. I learned that this week - although didn't check any reliable sources so it may just be heresay. They are pefect for herbs, because they keep them contained. Tomorrow I am going to have a big organize a roo... I'm going to try to find some little storage container with seperate little drawers for light bulbs, batteries, etc. Household things that we have a few little storage places for that are starting to get junky - yuck. Might make a run to Goodwill too, depending on what I come up with. I already have a small stack for Goodwill. Tomorrow night we're going to go to a 7 PM Easter service with Julie, Rebecca, and Gary. Then Sunday I will do my Walgreens, Rite Aid, and grocery shopping and then have lunch or dinner with those peeps too. Maybe some more organizing and/or cleaning then as well. We shall see!

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marisa said...

where do you get half barrel planters for a reasonable price? i totally agree that they'd be perfect for herbs ... i really want to get a planter like that when we have a house. i'm sure i could go to home depot or something, but i wasn't sure if you might have a secret spot, being the bargain shopper that you are.