Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just call me Coach!

Monday morning during our team meeting at work, everyone was kinda doing the typical "ugh, it's Monday again". And I was like "yay, Monday!" They looked at me like I was crazy... and I said I get a little bored over the weekend, I don't have enough to do. They were like man, we ran this kid to baseball practice and this one had swimming lessons, and then we had to meet with the guy who's re-doing our kitchen and then the tax guy needed some stuff faxed over and then the toilet broke so we had to find a replacement... the weekend goes way too fast! (okay I just combined like 4 people's weekends, but that was the gist). Then one guy was like "hey, if you want something to do, you can coach my daughter's softball team. They're at the point right now where if they don't get a coach they're not going to have a team." I obviously don't know a thing about softball, but I was like "okay".

A couple of days go by, and then yesterday he asked if I would seriously consider coaching it, because they haven't found anyone. He couldn't do it because he was coaching his son's team, and it sounded like some other parents were in similar situations. So I said yes... especially if I could convince Geoff to help me with the actual "skills" part, since I'm lacking in that department. Geoff was VERY skeptical at first - "I've never played softball!" - but then once we talked about it more he actually got pretty excited about it. He also said "I better help because I don't want you misguiding all of these poor girls on how to throw a ball." Probably half of these girls have never played before and they just want to go out there and have fun. They're 9 years old, and according to the league president the goal is "to be able to catch the ball and get someone out at first base". They don't keep score, and the coaches often meet before the games to determine the exact rules of that game - for example one team may be used to coach pitch and another team is used to using a tee, so even during the game they will use different pitching methods. They just want all of the kids to be able to make some contact with the ball and be involved. I'm so excited! The head dude is going to call me today to tell me about practices, the coaches meeting, how we get our gear, etc. Should be a grand adventure. :)

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