Monday, March 17, 2008

Another funny

I don't know why I post all of my embarassing stories for the world to see... ahh the things I do to entertain you.

For the past month or so our kitchen light has been dying (just needs a new bulb). Every time we'd turn it on, it'd take a few seconds to actually turn on, or sometimes flicker before it came to life. We knew it was only a matter of time. Yesterday, it bit the dust. It wouldn't turn on at all anymore. We played with it a few times - and then eventually didn't even know if the switch was on or off (we have two switches in our kitchen, so they can be up or down and the light can be on or off... no real pattern).

Fast forward to last night... I couldn't sleep (although FINALLY not because I was coughing, just because I couldn't sleep) so I got up around 11 to go downstairs and clean or something. Well I opened the door to our bedroom and saw LIGHT downstairs (you can see where this is going). We never forget to turn the lights off when we go to bed, so I immediately yelled (well, whispered loudly) "GEOFF!!! Someone is down there! Someone is in our house!" and FLEW back into bed and burrowed under Geoff. No sooner was in safely under Geoff when I calmly said "Oh, I bet the light in the kitchen just finally came on". Geoff (half asleep) just sort of started at me like "yeah, you THINK?" Haha... oops... :)


themotherinlaw said...

Thank you. That was funny! I can just hear Geoff. Yeah, you THINK? 'Captain Obvious' has finally found his 'Mrs. Captain Obvious'.

marisa said...

my favorite part of this story is that you burrowed under geoff. i was expecting to see "flew back into bed and burrowed under the covers ..." then did a double take and was like, "oh no wait, she burrowed under her husband." made me laugh. :)

and we had a touch lamp that would turn on from subtle vibrations in the floor of our old apartment - i'd be sitting there reading or watching tv, then all of the sudden it would pop on or off. and of course only when scott wasn't there. definitely freaked me out the first time it happened.