Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Yes, it's Wednesday. Should be the first day of work but instead it's already half over!!! Kinda fun sometimes.

So this weekend was awesomely fun... Doug came Friday morning and we went to the wineries/vineyards for most of the afternoon. Yay to that! Lots of fun. Then we grabbed some dinner and watched a movie and had some more... wine. :) Saturday morning we got up and got ready for my BBQ, then people came over and we ended up just making a whole night of it, the neighbors came over and it was reasonably fun. Kind of a crazy night and very emotional in many ways, but it was actually kinda cool. Sunday morning I talked to Doug and decided dating was definitely a no go! Surprising and kind of sad in some ways cause I really had expected it, but it was a good decision overall. Then my aunt and uncle came and I gave them the grand tour of the house, then we went to lunch at Henry's. After that Doug and I walked around downtown for a while, then went to church with Andy and Charles, and then went to Helvatia Tavern with Andy. Fun day! Hmm let's see. Monday I had lunch with Andy, then went to the mall with Amanda and then talked to Tim for a loooong time. Tuesday I went for a walk with Marie, went to dinner with Tim, and then played Magic with someone's who's name is being kept anonymous to protect his or her identity. It's been a good week. Today I had lunch with Alex and am having dinner with Andy. Thursday is lunch with Andy and Amanda and book club. Friday is undetermined for lunch and then dinner wtih Andy. Saturday is probably lunch with Tim and then dinner with Andy and Amanda. BUT Friday and Saturday could change if Russ comes to town. BUSY WEEK... I need to slooooow down. But I'm loving it. :-)

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"...then played Magic with someone's who's name is being kept anonymous to protect his or her identity."

Sketchy anonymity! :-P