Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hello my friends...

Okay this will be a quick one. Last weekend was GREAT... finally got my summit of a glaciated peak, so I can join the Mazamas ( Woo hoo and stuff! Very exciting... I almost teared up when I reached the top, and those of you who know me (Christine and Addy) know that I'm "stone cold" and don't cry for anything. It was such a huge accomplishment. I was thinking that even graduating from Northwestern wasn't as huge an accomplishment as this... the only other day I've maybe felt as proud was the day I got INTO Northwestern. Anyway, it was amazing and awesome and cool and makes me want to keep climbing.

I've spent lots of good time with friends this week... dinner with Tim, a movie with Marie, dinner at Andy's, Vin helping me with my house, chatting with Kristie the neighbor, Chevy's with Amanda. It's been absolutely amazing. And Doug comes tomorrow, then I'm having a BBQ Saturday, so the friend time will just keep going. As much as I feel totally lost sometimes, I kind of like not having responsibility and not having to worry about what's happening next in my life. Life just sort of goes along, you have to just enjoy the days and have fun and not worry too much about what comes next. So yeah -- life es good. Wow that is so Julius. Anyway, things are good, I'm happy, that's about it. I'll give you a better update hopefully after the weekend! Oh yes -- and I do love the new job, in case you were wondering.

And my next door neighbor is AWESOME -- he helped me fix my lawnmower and he is just awesome, so is his wife. I'm so blessed to have such awesome neighbors. And I found out yesterday that she went to a Bible study in the morning, I'll have to see what that's all about. Yay! Huge shout out to everyone who helped me with my house this week -- it looks totally amazing. It's what I've wanted my house to look like for months! It's all come together, and I'm so glad Doug and my aunt and uncle are coming to give me a kick start in getting it done. "Get er done" as my new work peers would say.

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