Thursday, September 29, 2005


I'm having kind of an irritated afternoon. Nothing is really going the way I want it to.

1. I miss my old job. I could make a list of pros and cons about the old vs. new, but there are a lot of things (perhaps especially the people) that I miss about my old job. Maybe I'll make a list and then I'll probably feel better.
2. This is sort of related, but I'm very annoyed because two of the somewhat major reasons I took this day job have now evaporated, which makes me mad. I guess I shouldn't let other people have such a big impact on my life, but I've never been selfish in that way. Maybe I should be.
3. I was involved in this conversation at lunch that I found very annoying. I mostly just sat through it and didn't talk, but it made me uncomfortable. It felt very petty to me, like some sort of junior high rivalry. I know that wasn't the way it was intended, but it was infuriating.
4. Realistically I know I need some time to myself. I might have some of that tonight, but it's unlikely. I'm starting to feel clostrophobic which is bad because it means I will push others away for a longer time than if I'd just done the right thing and taken a night for myself this week. Maybe I need to be more strategic about making sure that I keep one night (Monday - Thursday night) to myself each week.

Those are all of my major vents... I'm sure I could make up more but those are the ones I HAD to get off my chest. Thanks for listening!

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