Friday, September 30, 2005

Ad Sense

I'm thinking about putting AdSense on my blog. That means you'd see the ads like you see in your gmail when you read my blog. But I'd make money when you read my blog. Hmmmmm what to do? Weigh in people with comments. I wish I was as cool as Craig (craigslist Craig) and not a sell-out. Haha.

Well, it's Friday! Woo hoo!! And I've been pretty good about doing at least some updates all week, so yay for me. It's been a good week -- busy, as expected, but I got everything done. And this weekend I will definitely have some down time (though not tons of it) which I'm totally looking forward to.

Had an awesome conversation about God last night... I love talking about God and I love talking about me, and this conversation combined the two and it just made me soooo happy. I was such a huge fan. I remember when I used to go to lunch with Katrina and she'd ask me so many questions and it was just awesome. It's times like this when I wish I'd gone on staff with GIV or become a youth pastor -- it's like I feel like I'm applying everything that I've learned over the years. I remember going to lunch with Katrina last year and how much fun that was!!! Oh man... so exciting.

Happy weekends people. I get to fix my neighbor's computer, go out for fondue, go to Walmart, have dinner at Andy's, and go to church. Should be a GREAT one!!!!


MoodSwingSet said...

I love talking about you too. :) Maybe we can have another talk like that again.

osuaddy said...

Hello LUV! Ok - I know I am have totally been neglecting our friendship and I feel real bad about it, I mean it has even been like a whole week since I read your blog. I am bad. However, I do love and miss you SO freakin' much. I miss the laughter and randomness of our little house this summer. I can't wait for Chris!!! And mostly I can't wait to see you again! XOXO - Adds

p.s. amen to the stone cold. I can't believe you almost cried. I would pay money to see that. =)