Friday, April 27, 2007

Course 2 Final Pics!

The "overview"
A closeup of the basketweave... I do not like this picture because it shows the imperfections. In my defense, it is REALLY HARD on your hand, it took probably 30 - 35 minutes to do that basketweave technique and your hand just gets tired! Also, the birds look funny because it was raining the night I made them so rain got on them. The whole class had that problem.
A closer view of the top and the flowers.


Matt Singley said...

Wow! That's pretty impressive. Nice work!

Jenni said...

Hey Kel -

Haven't talked to you in the LONGEST time ever but your cakes look amazing. I live in Los Angeles now and am moving back to Boston (my rotational program is over and got a permanent assignment in Boston). Hope you are doing well!

marisa said...

that is gorgeous!!! i honestly hadn't noticed any of your basketweave's imperfections - such a pretty and fun spring cake! you're honestly making me think it might be fun to take a cake decorating class.