Tuesday, May 01, 2007


This weekend was pretty good... Friday Geoff and I opted not to go to the Way and instead work on a secret project which shall be announced in the future when and if the time is right.

Saturday I went to Aqua Fit at the gym with Cindy - what a debacle! The class was hilarious and the instructor was quite interesting. She was a 42 year old mother of 5 who at one point jumped into the pool with her clothes on. Crazy. Anyway, after that I met Katie at Starbucks and then went to Old Navy. Then Geoff and I went to Russell St. BBQ for dinner... it was the best food I've ever had there! After that we met Cindy and her husband and another couple at a place called Amigos II for cocktails. Fun!

Sunday I went to church at Solid Rock again. I was in one of those moods where I did NOT want to go to church... and I was like "well, I'll go and see what happens". I remained in my bad mood throughout the entire time until the very last song... and then it was great. I was glad I went. After that I went to Muchas Gracias and had a breakfast burrito... sooooo good. Then I said hello to Geoff at work. After that I took a nap, packed up for my cake class, and off I went! It lasted about 3 hours but it was soooo fun, I love the new flowers I learned! Then I made a salad, watched a tiny bit of Blood Diamond, and went to bed.

Yesterday I walked the golf course with Geoff, Eric, and Trevor after work, then Geoff and I went to Lloyd Center so he could eat dinner at Steak Escape. Then we went to Cheesecake Factory where Geoff got some cheesecake for dessert and we stopped by his mom's house to say hello. I was SO TIRED because I slept really poorly Sunday night, so I wasn't much fun.

Today I am making chicken salad wraps (I am using wraps instead of bread because we actually have tortillas around the house and I want to use stuff up! - basically I am just using this recipe for the actual chicken salad part) and leek rings for dinner. Even though I love WATCHING the Food Network, I never actually cook anything from it, so this will be a first. As an added bonus, this will use up some celery, onion, leeks, spinach, and lettuce from my veggie bin. To be 100% honest - that was the main reason I remembered these recipes, I was TRYING to come up with something I could do with my veggies. They are definitely accomplishing the goal of making me try new recipes and eat more veggies. YEAH!! :)

I also need to get my hair cut, stop by Target and the grocery store for a few things, color my hair, and make fondant flowers for my class on Sunday. Tomorrow I start work at Hallmark (which will last until 8:30) and Thursday I have a class at the gym and cake class (which lasts until 8) so this is my last full evening to get things done before I leave for Phoenix Friday morning. Lots lots lots to do! It will get done though. And I'm super excited about making my dinner! And work at Hallmark! And cake class. And Arizona!!! YEAH!!! It's gonna be a good rest of the week!!

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