Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fly by post

I can't believe I haven't posted about Arizona yet! I had one of the most fun nights I've had in a looooooong time. I just had a blast with my old friends, and Geoff loved them too. I will post about that later today or tomorrow.

For now though... my family does something we call the "family chat bin" (don't remember where that came from)... basically it's an email to all of the people in the family, we probably get about 10 emails a day from it. Just my immediate family. Anyway, the bin has been kicking into high gear lately so I've been focused on that instead of my blog. This is what I wrote the bin this morning:

Good morning binners! Yesterday Hallmark was slightly better… I helped the sweetest old man who couldn’t see very well, so I read him the cards for mother’s day. It was pretty fun. He got two different mother’s day cards, one I couldn’t tell who it was for and one for his wife. Then he needed an anniversary card, but his wife was in the store so he was like “shhhhhhh”. So we went to the anniversary section and found him a card, he also had a hearing aid so I had to speak right into that so I could speak softly but so that he could hear. Pretty funny. He was very thankful. And then I checked out a lot of people and did some work on the card section. It is good but it’s not AMAZING. After that I went home and started going through the organics bin! We got some good stuff, including avocados so I can make some GUAC! Yum-o. Last night for dinner we split a ribeye steak and also had salad (all organic), peppers and onions grilled (onions were organic), and asparagus (organic) with cheese sauce. Mom, Geoff was a little bit skeptical of the cheese sauce but he LOVED IT. He couldn’t get enough! I told him I’d never had it much because it seems like Dad always gobbled it up every year and no one else got at it. Geoff said he’d have to be fighting Dad to get some! It was funny. He made it of course because I have no patience for things like melting cheese or chocolate or anything that could burn. Tonight while I’m at cake class he’s going to cut up some mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, and onions, oh and maybe a sirloin, for us to fondue up tonight. We still have stuff left over to make the dill sauce plus all the veggies so we are gonna do that! And we got another leek and Geoff was like “pleeeeeease more leek rings!” I didn’t know he liked them that much. Well, when we were finishing up with dinner, the doorbell rang and I opened it, and it was someone in a motorcycle helmet that said “gimmie all your money”. I thought at first it was my roommate Brad and his girlfriend Carmen, but it was Kendra and Beau!!! They were out on their motorcycles for the first time this year so they had to ride a bit to keep the batteries going, so they came to visit us! They stayed an hour or so and we had a really nice time! I love them. And they invited us to a BBQ at their house next week. We talked about me working at Hallmark and they said “ya know, if you’re going to have a second job, you better LOVE it. If you don’t need it and you don’t love it, what the heck is the point? It’s one thing to leave your ‘real’ job and say yippie I get to go to my fun job now, but if you’re not doing that, then quit!” So I think that pretty much summed everything up for me. I’m going to try Saturday (a weekend day) and then make my decision from there! But yeah, so it was a super fun night last night. Hope everyone is having fun in IC!


marisa said...

that is such a good idea - the family chat bin. it seems like a great way to keep in easy contact with what's going on in everyone's lives. i just realized yesterday that i haven't talked to my bro since i was home at christmas, and before that it had been last summer that i talked to him on the phone for a few minutes. oops. i'm calling him tonight to figure out a mother's day plan.

Anonymous said...

blog readers demand wedding photos :)

I think Hallmark is less fun because of the lack of balloons. Well that and less high school scandal - although whispering sweet nothings to an old man kind of falls into that category.