Monday, May 21, 2007

Super productive night!

Today was a GOOD day. Oh first of all - it was a GOOD weekend... Geoff and I were able to go shopping for him and me... we got him a bunch of stuff for his motorcycle, including new tools, gear (helmet/jacket), parts he needs, and a little tent thing for the side of the house. He had been saving for a motorcycle so since he didn't actually have to pay for the motorcycle itself, he had plenty to spend on fun stuff. He even got one of those Craftsman tool chests... I had a FIELD DAY organizing that. I should take pictures of that too! Sooo much fun! And for me... well, more cake stuff! Actually, mostly it was just a storage cabinet and large pink basket (can't find a link) that I organized all of the cake stuff in. I should have taken before and after pics... but I forgot. It looks much better, and we finally have a dining room again! Yaaaaay! :) Oh, I almost forgot... Saturday morning, I made my first cake I got paid for! It was a success. Anyway, it was a great weekend of storage and organization.

Today was a great day at work... I had a great intro meeting with the new finance manager, I got a really nice voicemail, and one other thing that made me happy that I can't remember at the moment. Then at home Geoff and I talked to my sister online for a bit and he went off to an inventory way down in Woodburn. I talked to my sister more until 7 (she is working a super boring job right now), then went to the grocery store, made guacamole for dinner, finished 40 fondant roses and made 30 fondant leaves (oh yeah - I forgot to mention I started/made about 50 fondant roses yesterday... it took 5 or 6 hours! Finishing them and the leaves only took about 2 hours tonight), took a shower, and packed... and it's still before 10 PM!! See, quite productive. The packing is for Arizona - I feel like I spend half my time there these days, kinda like my senior year of college when I went to LA all the time! I love travelling. Especially to the same place over and over (wow that sounds lame) because you get to know the place and kinda feel like a resident. Okay that's a stretch, but I do enjoy getting to know cities and having them be familiar. Arizona is pretty familiar to me by now. I so love it too, so I'm excited I get to go again! I'll be there until Thursday, when I have my final cake class of my final cake course! Tear... but that's okay. It'll be good. :)

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marisa said...

that sounds like such a fun weekend! i'm a little hungry, and your post definitely made my stomach growl, with all that talk about cake and fondant roses. yum.

ryc: i'm actually a huge fan of movies, i'm just an even bigger fan of nachos. we've been trying to eat healthily lately, so when we went to spiderman 3 a few weeks ago, i didn't get any snacks, but i decided i need nachos this time. i'm pretty sure i would live on nachos if i could do so without becoming obese and having massive heart problems.

oh, and you had asked about dsw - they took the shoes back no problem! one pair i had worn (and realized they gave me blisters), but they didn't look worn, so it wasn't a problem. (i didn't even have the box for those shoes, since i had assumed i was keeping them and threw the box away.) it probably depends on who you talk to ... the girl who was doing my return seemed pretty new.