Monday, April 09, 2007


Okay. Last week was SO busy at work. Thursday I had class one of course 2 in my cake decorating series! I have the same instructor, her name is Pam and she is great. There are only 4 students in this class - they were all in my course 1 class too. The Way was cancelled on Friday night because there was a retreat - Thursday through Saturday, which are odd days but I suppose Easter put a kink in things. I did not go because of the date choices, which I suspect was an issue for others as well. Geoff has been *EXHAUSTED* because he has an inventory at work tomorrow so he hasn't wanted to do much after work. Needless to say, I definitely had a little cabin fever this weekend. Friday we stayed in and watched a couple of movies. Oddly, they both kept me interested for the entire time. I have no idea why, because that NEVER happens. Saturday I got up in the morning and cleaned the downstairs bathroom, the kitchen, etc. Then I started work - I've had two big projects at work lately so I've been working on them and got behind on normal day to day emails, tasks, etc. So I spent all day Saturday getting caught up on work-related issues. I got my email box down from about 250 to 13 emails! YEAH! That's always a good feeling. Saturday night (at about 8 - I had no idea I was working so late) I went to Olive Garden with Addy... yum! We had a great conversation and then went back and hung out at my house for a while. Sunday morning I got up and went to church for Easter... I tried a new church which I shall not mention because I was not a huge fan. I can't even pinpoint what I didn't like about it, and I know sometimes holiday/"special" services are harder to "evaluate", but it just didn't really work for me. I most likely won't try that church again. I brought Geoff Starbucks because he got Starbucks for me last year at Easter, and then I went home and read Nelson DeMille's new book Wild Fire. I love Nelson DeMille. He is my favorite author! If you haven't read his stuff and want to start, start with Plum Island. It's the first one I started with, my sophomore year in high school, and it's great. It's also the first one with recurring character John Corey. Corey appears in 4 of his books, including Wild Fire. So good!

Didn't really do much else yesterday, and by last night I was pretty crabby and wanted to get out and do stuff. Luckily I have a full agenda for today - I am going to stop by the bank, go apply for a part-time job at Hallmark (I LOVE working retail and I miss it and I've been waiting for them to be hiring for a while and now they are!), then go to Costco (I have a big list - 4 things I need pretty soon here and another few things that I will need in the next few months that there are coupons for in the April coupon book so I'm going to go ahead and buy them now), then go to the first neighborhood watch meeting! I'm really excited about that, I want to get to know more of my neighbors and also get the streets cleaned up a little (there are a lot of cars parked on the street all the time, and it looks junky and is super dangerous cause there are so many kids). After that I will go home and do some laundry and update Quicken. Ohhh how I love being busy. Just another great benefit of a part time job! I really hope that it's a good fit and that I get the job. So, that's my plan!

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