Monday, April 16, 2007

Organics and fondant

Highlight of the day: I ordered a bi-weekly delivery of a small organic fruits and veggies bin from Organics to You. I can't wait! My co-worker who referred me will get a free small fruits and veggies bin if I get two orders, which is awesome. I didn't even know that, I just put her name down as the referral source and then saw that, so it's a nice little bonus!

I also started my Fondant and Gum Paste class yesterday. Soooo fun! I'm really enjoying fondant. So this week for cake stuff I need to make another batch of royal icing (one of my batches didn't turn out very well... it can happen due to humidity, etc... as my instructor says icing consistency can vary depending on "if there was a bluebird out in Holland that day"). Then I have the third class of course 2 on Thursday. For next Sunday, I need to prepare a cake, leveled and iced for my second class of the Fondant course. Then next Thursday is my final class of course 2 and I need to bring a cake to that one too. Lots of cake stuff coming up in the next 2 weeks! I love it. And the guys love it too... they are always asking me to teach them stuff, it's very cute and funny. Darn, I left my camera at home, otherwise I would post a picture of three of them next to the roses they made last Thursday!

Friday Geoff and I went to The Way - it was disappointing... partially because I wasn't very engaged for whatever reason. I had prayed that day that I wasn't using The Way as something I was relying on to make me happy or anything, and I think God intentionally made it sort of "mneh" for me that night . I'm not explaining this well at all, but long story short it ended up being a good thing overall. Saturday we went to a wedding at the Grand Lodge - it was fun! We didn't stay very long but we had a good time. Saturday night seems to be a blur, I don't remember doing much. We did get a lot of chores done around the house. Sunday morning we went to church at Solid Rock, which is where The Way is held. This time it was Geoff's turn to not feel very engaged! He liked it though and I think we will choose it as our church - #1 reason is they have weekly communion, which is important to both of us (more critical to him, but I have always really appreciated churches that have it). Westport is a great church and they're doing wonderful things, but it just doesn't work quite as well for Geoff. I like Solid Rock better too because it's a little bigger and I love bigger churches. I am SO excited about The Way and Solid Rock. They have been fabulous in our lives and our relationship. Sunday we had BLTs for lunch, tacos for dinner, and strawberries for dessert. YAY for cooking at home. We're trying to get back into that again, one of the reasons for the organics box.

Today Geoff and I are meeting at home and then going to the gym. He's going to play racquetball with his friend Scott and I'm going to go to Body Works with my friend Cindy. Should be most excellent.

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marisa said...

so one of my friends is making her sister's wedding cake ... and her sister decided she wanted buttercream frosting in the natural off-white shade over the whole cake, then with white piping around the edges and white icing roses on top. doesn't that sound wretched? my friend tried to steer her towards more color, or even just reversing the color scheme, but apparently her sister thinks it sounds like the best thing since sliced bread ... i hope you never have to decorate a cake like that!