Sunday, April 01, 2007

Answering to demands

Okay, I'm alive and I have not abandoned my blog. Here's what happened - I had taken the pictures from my last cake class and wanted to put them up on my blog, only I hadn't downloaded them for like a week. About a week ago I finally put them on my computer, but then it had been so long since I blogged that the task just seemed daunting. So, I just shyed away. Then yesterday I decided (and Patrick confirmed) that I could and should just jump back in. I know you are all tortured by the fact that you will not know what happened for the last two weeks of my life, but that's okay.

Side note: one of my roommates is cooking steak and it smells SO GOOD right now. I think they must have dumped like the entire bottle of garlic powder on there. YUM.

So, cake decorating class is over, it was great - the next one starts this week! I can't wait! It really is a blast. I've been running more and Addy and I have been trying to run together at least once a weekend. Today's run was BRUTAL, I just was not feeling it.

Geoff has gone with me to The Way three times now - WOW. It has been so great for our relationship! The first time he went and was like "first of all I found the speaker to be really full of himself and then I felt like I wasn't a good Christian because I wasn't worshiping with my arms up" (he comes from a Lutheran background and hasn't had a whole ton of experience with more contemporary churches). So I pointed out that we ALL have areas of weakness and because of that particular speaker's background, it's logical that he would be more likely to sound full of himself. And I said that one of the things I love about The Way is that you are free to worship in the way that connects you with God best! If that's sitting or standing or kneeling or arms up or down or whatever, it's all about you and God. He said he wanted to try it again and LOVED IT the next time. He said what'd I'd said (especially about worshipping freely) made a lot of sense to him and he felt much more comfortable. YAY. Plus the speaker that night was excellent. We had another great conversation after that evening which was cool. Then we went again this past Friday night and had without a doubt what was one of the most important conversations of our entire relationship. It was fabulous and I'm still excited about it. God has REALLY blessed us through that ministry.

We're going to Arizona again in another month for Hart and Becky's wedding - that's VERY exciting, I can't wait for that! That's about it for excitement right now in our lives. I'll be back tomorrow. :)

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