Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The usefulness of blogging

Well, I have decided that there is actually some value in blogging. For one thing, I know that people read my blog, particularly people that don't get to keep up with me that often, like Heather and Laura. :) And I can go back and look at what I was doing a year ago, or whatever. Like I was thinking about Valentine's Day last year -- my aunt was here and we were up in Seattle (it was a Monday). Then on this Tuesday last year, we went to the coast and then to a vineyard for some wine tasting on the way back... soooo fun. It was nice to have those 4 day weekends occasionally. That was probably the best use I ever made of one though. We did so much that weekend!

Let's see, major events in the last month or so -- not so much. Broke up with Bryan a little over a month ago, but I think that was mentioned already. I've gotten way more involved with the young adults group at my church, it's been good times. Meeting lots of cool people through the group! There is a group of about 5 girls that gets together pretty much weekly to discuss a question from a Sex and the City episode (you know, the ones Carrie asks) which is pretty fun. I also went to a super bowl party and am running in a 10K with some church peeps too. So that's exciting. I went to Corvallis to see Adds for a weekend and went to church camp with the high schoolers to serve them their meals one weekend too. I've been running a lot in prep for the 10K... my knee is not doing great, but I have an appointment with an orthopedist next week to check on that. I've been reading a LOT. I read A Walk to Remember, I'm reading a Nelson DeMille book, I'm reading a running book and a book about relationships, I read a great book called Namesake, I finished A Million Little Pieces and the 6th Left Behind Book, and I'm also reading the 5 People You Meet in Heaven. And one other book I can't remember. So I read and/or finished 4 books since January 1 (a couple of them I'd started in December) and I'm in the middle of 5 other books. I know, I'm out of control. I have Remicade today so I think I'm going to finish 5 People You Meet in Heaven tonight and then focus on the running book a little bit. It's called Running Injury-Free which I definitely am needing with my knee right now. Although it doesn't hurt anymore, it definitely rubs in an odd way when I straighten it completely, which is not right!

I had a Mardi Gras party this weekend, pictures are up on facebook. One of my friends said his favorite thing about the party was the diverse amount of people there -- so true! I have neighbors, work friends, church friends, other recent college grads, plus their friends... so it works out to be a good group and people always meet people and stuff. Bryan and I had a GREAT chat at my party, and it was the first time we've really seen each other since we broke up. We ran into each other at Old Chicago once about a month ago, but this was the first time we talked in person. YAY to that. I'm excited. I might have to think about doing some picture posting in here for non-facebook users, but clearly will be more selective than what I post on facebook. That's the nice thing about facebook, at least there is SOME security!!

Okay that's it for major life updates. :)

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MoodSwingSet said...

Yes, post pictures. Some of us don't pretend we're still in college, so we don't get to use Facebook. Hrumph!