Wednesday, February 15, 2006

2 days in a row yay yay

Soooo yesterday was rather dull. After work I went to get my Remicade. For about 2 years now, I've used my right hand pretty consistently as the IV location. Last time (in December) I decided to use my left hand so I could write Christmas cards while I got my Remicade. It worked fine. And my right hand ALWAYS works fine. So, yesterday I decided to try my left hand again. It didn't work -- no blood return. She really tried to get the needle in the vein, and it looked like she was dead on... but it didn't work out. Okay, so we put a hot pack on my right hand, and she tried it... no blood return! So weird. This is a nurse I've had many times before, too. So she called another nurse, and she tried again in the left hand, after heating it for a while too -- NO BLOOD RETURN. What am I, a freaking ghost?! So then the second nurse (who I have also had before) finally found some freaky spot in my left arm that she jabbed the thing into. YUCK I really prefer it in my hand. Most people hate the hand since there isn't a lot of fat there and it can be sensitive, but I'm so used to it and I just prefer it. Plus now I have 4 needle holes in my body... that are bigger than normal since they had to move the needles around inside me so much to try to get some blood return. I look like an IV drug user! Haha. It was quite the amusing afternoon.

Then I went to the gym and ran a couple of miles -- I didn't want to push it too hard cause Remicade can make me tired, but I felt fine. After that I grabbed a little dinner, read a while, and went to bed. A good day overall!

Yuuum, had Panda Express for lunch today, it was quite tasty. And afterwards I went to the cafe in my old building and got some coffee, then I got to see some people from my old job which is always cool. I like catching up. Good times people, good times. :) Tonight is young adults group at church!

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