Friday, February 24, 2006

Comment, people!

I know you guys are still reading... just not commenting. Pidat, this means you. :)

Okay, so Wednesday I had my singles group, good times as always. I did the announcements... they tried to get me to sing them but I would not. Someone told me I AM Quarterlife... and I was like, no, I'm not. What I am is Wednesday Night Queen... somehow I always end up planning these Wednesday night large groups! Weird. I love it though! Afterwards we went out to Red Robin... I chatted with some new people which is always good times.

Yesterday my cube neighbor made me SICK... I won't get into that, but it ended in a debate about what sick really is. I have a sore throat and a cough, but he says I'm fine. Whatever. The point is, I didn't run yesterday. I DID go to book club, that was a hoot as always. We read The Namesake -- GREAT book, highly recommended. Then I just called the boy from this weekend... we ended up talking for over an hour. The reason he hadn't called is basically because when I called him Sunday night I said something like "ahhh, sure, so you're not going to answer the phone when I call, huh!" He thought I was serious and assumed I was the type of girl that is really clingy, demands to be called, etc. So that's why he never called back. I thought that was really funny, because when I left that message on Sunday I was being soooo sarcastic. He just doesn't know me well enough to pick up on my sarcasm yet. So we straightened that out and talked for over an hour on the phone. He's having some friends come into town this week but asked what I was doing and said hopefully we could meet up this weekend. Tonight I'm going to bed early but I said tomorrow night I'd give him a call and let him know what my plans are. I'm having dinner with some girlfriends tomorrow but after that I'm free so I might see if a couple of the gals want to go meet up with him and his friends... we'll see.

Bah. Okay so that's my story. I'm leaving work in a couple of hours, going to Portland Running Co. to pick up my jacket and then go to my weighs class. I'm kinda mad because Portland Running Co. East said they had a pink jacket with black trim, so I was waiting for that one to be delivered... then they hadn't called 3 days later, even though they were supposed to call in 1 - 2 days. So I called today and they were like "oh... yeah, we only have black with pink trim". Which is what the West side store had to begin with, so I could have just had the jacket on Tuesday and not had to drive ALL the way down there again. Oh well... :(


chungag said...

I am not Pidat, but I will comment.

MoodSwingSet said...

Since I always comment, I wasn't going to this time until someone else did it first. So there.