Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Orthopedist Day!

Sooo, let's see. Monday evening -- gym night. I ran 4 miles and then had my weights class, which makes Monday my favorite gym night of the week! After that I was incredibly lazy, didn't really do much at all. I read for a while and then went to bed at 8. I know that's early, but I hadn't slept that much Saturday or Sunday so it evened out in the end. NO CALL FROM BOY. Boo!!

Tuesday was slightly more exciting. I went to lunch at Chevy's with Tim and Marie -- good times! I looooove Chevy's, I think they have great food, chain or not. Tim gave me an REI gift card, which was incredibly sweet. Tuesday night, I ran 3 miles at the gym, walked about 15 minutes, and biked for about 30 minutes. After that I went home, showered, and had my leftover shower. Then I went to Portland Running Co. and picked out the GREATEST jacket. I know stores like that are more expensive, but you get quality stuff that you know will work, and the salespeople are GREAT. It's like REI - you know they've used the stuff and will be totally honest about what works for what situation and why. So the woman helped me pick this great jacket out, and I wanted a different color so it's on it's way over from the SE store. Should be in today or tomorrow (I'm hoping for today, but either one will actually work... if it comes in tomorrow I'll just pick it up Friday). I'm going to be definitely ready for whatever weather on Saturday. After that I stopped by the mall and got a cute shirt from The Limited, then I went to Old Navy to get some flip flops and a hoody, then Target for odds and ends. Then I finished up my taxes and went to bed early again... loser! Hahaha but I enjoyed it.

Today I had lunch at Hale's with Andy and then this afternoon I have an appointment with the orthopedist for my knee! Hopefully he'll fix me up... or even better, tell me it's nothing to worry about and just do some stretches or something. That'd be just dandy! We'll see what happens. Yippie! After that I'm going to go down to Portland Running Co. if my jacket's in, and if not I'll get some dinner and then head to Quarterlife at church. Good times, good times.

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