Wednesday, August 11, 2004


My apartment is really coming together. I have pictures hanging and everything is pretty much set. Once I get all of my tables in, it will be perfection! Still no estimate on when those are coming in, but hopefully as soon as possible! I also have a fair amount of work to do in the guest bedroom, but I need to wait on that until my parents are gone. It's hard to do with them here. Ikea seriously is the best place for candles (among many other things, including frames and much much more). My mom even said that she's always thought Ikea was way overrated, but that they really do have decent stuff at very reasonable prices. Whenever I have the chance in Chicago or LA or Seattle I will try to stop in, because there's always more you can get at Ikea.

Sketchy people live in my apartment complex. I guess that's to be expected from any apartment complex, but it's just funny. I was at the pool today and overheard many a conversation. There was this group of girls a few years younger than me, only one or two lived here but they invited over a bunch of friends. They were all smoking and just chatting about their waitress jobs and whatnot. One of them didn't work at all. Then there are all of these "families" that I can't really figure out. One little girl called someone mama, and then "the dad" (?) said "That's not Mama, that's Tanya". And then later on some other little boy splashed me a little and "Tanya" said "Sorry!" and then said "It's not my kid... actually I don't even know him, I'm just apologizing because I feel bad for you". So what's the deal with that? And Tanya was sitting with the guy that I think is the dad (who seems to be dating Tanya), but in between them was another guy who looked a little younger (they are around 25, he was maybe 21). Who was he? Never figured that one out. Tanya started talking to him about how she sells stuff on ebay for a living, saying that she started 6 years ago when her parents discovered ebay early. Her first sale was an antique bedpan she bought for $3 and sold it for $70, so she got hooked on it. She shops at thrift stores, estate sales, and garage sales, for those who were thinking of going into the business. Anyway that's the gossip from the pool today. I'll let you know if there's more again. is really such a great website. Earlier today I read about this half-ton man who checked into the hospital 8 weeks ago (after several other hospitals rejected him) and has lost 300 pounds already. He hopes to lose at least 450 more and his ultimate goal is to be able to walk out of the hospital and go on a walk with his wife. They had to find a special ambulance to get him there and he is on two hospital beds. He is on a 1200 calorie a day diet. Previously he could not even turn over without help and had tons of health problems including diabetes. The hospital is expected to cover much of his several million dollar bill. Yesterday I read about conjoined twins who had been seperated from the head and saw each other for the first time. Both were more interested in watching TV and their mother. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. I also read about some dude that pulled over a cop and said "arrest me". The cop was like "what the heck?" and the dude was like "I'm drunk". So the cop called for backup because it was admittedly kind of weird and they arrested the dude for driving without a license (suspended from an earlier DUI) and DUI. He was 4 times over the legal limit. They said he was hysterical and much nicer than most DUIs tend to be. Cool.


Jenni said...

You live at Melrose Place!! Good gossip. When I'm surfing at work I go to, abcnews, MSNBC, and topix where you can search for a subject and it looks up all the major newspapers. It's pretty cool for research or if you just want to type in your address and see what stories come up.

RJB said...

Whoa, I've never heard of Topix. I use Google News for the same purpose - the two sites are nearly identical.

My favorite news source, by the way, is Fark. Get all the important headlines, a lot of crazy news, and a comments forum for every article. I really believe that keeping up on Fark makes me a more interesting person.