Saturday, August 14, 2004

Hello friends

From Friday when blogger was being weird and wouldn't post:

Yesterday was the last day my parents were here. We went to Tillamook, which is one of my favorite places! When Doug and I first started dating, we went there to the beach and the cheese factory, and it was a day I'll never forget. Yesterday was the same. My parents and I had lunch on the same beach and then went to the Cheese Factory, complete with ice cream at the end. Yuuuuum. Best ice cream ever! Then we had dinner at home and spent a last few moments talking.

Today I woke up and got my hair cut and car washed, then spent the rest of the day with Kendra! We went swimming, then had dinner and talked, then went to the Oregon International Air Show. Pretty cool... the Blue Angels are there tomorrow so that should be even better. I may go with Keith tomorrow but not sure yet.

My hair is SO BLONDE. It's scary. I didn't mean for it to come out that blonde, but oh well. What can you do? The two other times I've had it highlighted, it's been perfect. Definitely blonde chunks but not BLONDE. Yikes. Never going there again... that's the problem with moving. You miss people like the awesome dude at the Omni Spa.

Here's my to-do list for tomorrow, since Jenni says you can learn a lot from that:
- call Comcast
- car vacuum
- Sprint phone
- Call Sarah
- finish fixing up apartment
- mail in rebate
- Tell Cobra people my new address
- write blog
- pay CC and USAA bills
- grocery shopping
- mail Jenn book

I realize some of that is sort of vague, but I'm not going to edit it for your purposes. You'll have to figure it out or ask me about it if you're curious. That's my list as it stands for me.

I Tivoed the Opening Ceremonies and am watching them now. They're cool. This woman who basically brought the Olympics back to Greece was then fired for 3 years, at which time the Olympic Committee threatened to take the Olympics away from Greece because they were so far behind, so they brought her back and she whipped into action and took care of it all. Not such a fan of Katie Couric though. She's a little lame. Mike Kostas or whatever his last name is is way better.

Well, you're on my to-do list for tomorrow, so I guess expect another update then. And check out if you never have before, it's been one of my top-5 favorite websites for YEARS.

Hung out with Keith today!!! Did some chores in the morning, then went grocery shopping with Keith. After that we had chips and salsa and made the BEST hamburgers. YUM. Oregon makes me think of BBQing because we always do the best grilling out here. YAY. We played a game of Egyptian Rat Screw (I won) and then watched the Opening Ceremonies on Tivo. Then we looked at all of my pictures from this year, then Keith played the guitar for me. Then we went swimming and then to the hot tub, then we went to Coldstone for dessert. YAY. Oregon is the most fun place ever. There's always so much to do with so many fun people. I heart the Oregon. Tomorrow we're going to New Song, which Keith promises me is an AMAZING church. We'll see.

More soon?

Still trying to get this to work.

Sunday: Went to church downtown with Keithers, then went to the Bite of Oregon (think Taste of Chicago). Fun was had by all, and then I came back home and watched the Olympics on Tivo per my usual as of late.

Monday: Went to work!!!!! Okay, it wasn't that exciting. It was NEO, which is New Employee Orientation. That's okay. I got to learn all about benefits and stuff so that was good times. And I met some pretty cool people including a dude who lives in the apartment complex right across from mine. Then I went by the post office and ever since then I've been scrapbooking and watching the Oympics. I've never watched this much of the Olympics in my life. Tivo is the greatest invention ever. Seriously. I used to think it was dumb and pointless too, but it's NOT. You can fast forward through all of the long swimming and Bob Kostas talking, and just watch the final laps. You can rewind. You can watch in slow motion. You can take an hour to watch the 4 hour opening ceramonies. I'm telling you, it's the best. I made terayaki chicken and vegetables with rice tonight for dinner, yum.

I need to join a gym with a pool. I miss swimming. Swimming a lot in the pool downstairs makes me miss it even more, plus watching it on the Olympics does the same. I just need to get back in the water. There is a discount for 24 Hour Fitness I think so I think I will join it and go swimming there at least on my days off. I can just start out doing 700 yards or so a day and then work my way up. Oh swimming, how I long for thee.

Trying to post again...

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