Thursday, August 26, 2004

Just a quick hello...

Use Windows Messenger! Talk to me people. :) I miss you.

P.S. -- I have FIVE new gmail invites... let me know if you want one.

More rants and raves to come soon!! (I have some good ones cooking up)

A quick one... what's the deal with all of these new CDs being "pre-released" to iTunes... a conspiracy I tell you! And I even happen to be an iTunes fan!

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Jenni said...

Let's hear the rants and raves ... I'm not sure if I should get on the g-mail bandwagon yet since I have a .edu address that can hold 50 MB. I think by the time I'm done with grad school there will be another e-mail craze so I can hold off ... maybe? When are you coming back into town by the way! I guess you won't be coming back for holidays anymore, boo.