Monday, August 23, 2004

Okay I'm back (again)

Sorry for the infrequency of my posts the last month or so. I know nothing is more annoying than trying to go to read someone's blog and having it not being updated, especially when you're bored. So I'm on this totally messed up schedule now... I have no problem sleeping during the days, which is good, but it's hard to switch back. In order to perfect the art of switching back, you have to sleep only about 4 hours on the last day of your work week, which is so hard to do. It's like, you KNOW you don't have to get up to be anywhere, and yet for some reason you "need" to get out of bed anyway? Somehow one's mind just doesn't work like that after 4 hours of sleep. So needless to say I slept until 3 yesterday and then didn't fall asleep until after 6 AM, then slept until after 1 today. This is unfortunate because I have a doctor's appointment at 8 AM tomorrow, so somehow I'm going to need to get up by 7! Yikes...

All in all the job is going well though. Many weeks I hope to not switch back to sleeping nights at all. Seeing as how I'm 22 years old with no husband, kids, or any real ties in life, there seems to be no reason that I can't just sleep all day every day. Obviously I'll have appointments and some traveling and other random stuff which will make me sleep the occasional night, but for the most part I plan on being a night owl. The other good option is to do the "half-switch", sleep from 4 AM - 12 PMish on the days I'm not working. The nurse at Intel recommends this because it does allow you to be awake and out and about during the day sometimes, but still maintains about 4 hours (8 AM - 12 PM) that you're always asleep, which is good for your body. I read quite a bit of information about the importance of sleep and a regular schedule for the body because of things like the fact that the body naturally cools down at night, etc. So like I say, tomorrow will be a little bit tough, but it should only go up from here.

The job itself is fun too (I know I started the last paragraph that way too, but I seem to just want to talk about sleeping). Seriously though, I've learned a lot already. It DEFINITELY helped that I interned with Intel, because otherwise I'd be so lost! I get my computer this week which will help to be able to be in my own office doing more of my own work. And obviously I'll be doing more work and less training as time goes on, which is nice. Check that out... for everyone who signs up, 3m is donating $1 for breast cancer research. All it takes is name and city, not even an email address! :)

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RJB said...

Bah, don't be too rough on your work schedule. I work 9-5, five days a week, and I rarely feel like I've had enough sleep. It's probably an age thing - young people generally don't rest enough.

On the brighter side, we're still young! Sweet!