Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Because he gave me my long-awaited gmail invite. YAAAAAY for him. I'm SO EXCITED to finally have it, so now I can finally start using an email other than my Northwestern address. This is STELLAR.

To make a good day better, I got an email from Chipotle saying they're opening like half a mile from my apartment (only their second Portland location, the first opened in February) AND that Monday is like their "test day" with free food from 5 - 7 and I'm invited. YEAAH free Chipotle on Monday. :)

To top it all off, I got an email from a recruiter at Schlumberger, asking me for a phone interview. I applied their last October or November because I think it's a stellar company, but alas... they're just about 8 months too late. Still super exciting though, I'd love to work there sometime in the future!!

I'm in Reno... will be in Portland tomorrow. YAAAAAY. It's been an excellent trip, lots of chilling at the pool and at Lake Tahoe. I HIGHLY recommend Lake Tahoe, it's beautiful. We had a lot of fun there. I've been doing a tiny bit of gambling, really only with the money the hotel gave me. So that's fun. We have a long drive tomorrow but it's worth it! I can't wait to finally get there. I'm writing from the Java Jungle, this cute coffeehouse in Reno with wireless. Whoever invented wireless internet is a genius!

Okay so that's all of the excitement I have at the moment, on Friday I should have my cable modem hooked up if all goes well so you can expect a more detailed and exciting update then. :)

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