Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I have a "Safety Calendar" here at work. The kind you tear off a page for each day, and there is a new safety tip each day. Well today's tip is about Christmas trees, and how you should be careful that your lights aren't freyed. I thought "how odd..." and then I flipped to the late November section of the calendar to see if it was just so full of Christmas tips there that they just had to put an extra one in May to remind us. But November 28th's entry is about Halloween and being careful when you're trick or treating! A month too late or 11 months too early, depending on how you look at it. November 27 (Thanksgiving this year) is about working with poisonous plants because that's apparently a popular Thanksgiving day activity. There are zero Christmas-related tips in the entire first week of December. And Christmas Day's tips is about making sure latch key kids know not to answer the door or say they are home alone. I know when I was growing up my parents left me home alone on Christmas Day all the time... riiiight. Odd. Someone should work on making these tips more seasonally applicable. Maybe next year.

Still no word on the house - I believe the offer went in this morning!


Julie said...

I believe the re-organization of this calendar is something you should do in your spare time. You know, between coaching softball, grocery gaming, geo-caching, book club, and camping!

themotherinlaw said...

New idea! Let's make up a new calendar WHILE we're camping! This would make a super campfire activity!