Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Poor Geoff

Someone (ME!) woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. This is how our morning went down:

Me: "Should I put my hair up?"
Geoff: "Sure."
Me: "WHAT?!?! You mean my hair looks that bad?"
Geoff: "No, I just thought you wanted to put it up."
Me: "My hair looks hooooorrrrriiiibbbbleeeeeeee!!!"

10 minutes later...

Me: "Oh, so Gina got this gift the other day, can you believe it?"
Geoff: "Are you jealous or making fun?"
Me: "Making fun. What?! You think I was jealous of that? I think it's way over the top. I can't believe you think I'd be jealous!"
Geoff: "I was just asking..."

Poor Geoff. I had some coffee after that and now I am much more pleasant. I didn't sleep well last night.

Note: I had to really debate posting this one because I didn't want to look like an overly emotional freak girl. But I decided to because one of the reasons it's funny is because most of the time I'm NOT an overly emotional freak girl, and also because this serves as a pittance to Geoff.


marisa said...

haha, i can totally relate - that was definitely me this morning. husbands really do have to put up with quite a bit, even from relatively emotionally stable wives. :)

marisa said...

also, i thought you might find this article interesting - it reminded me of your blog from a while back about building a giant airport hub in the middle of nowhere:


themotherinlaw said...

You WILL be over this by camping time, right?

marisa said...

any house updates?? i'm guessing it didn't go through since you haven't said anything.