Thursday, May 01, 2008

Girls Night Geocaching!

Last night for girl's night we geocached! It ended up being only me, Kristie, and Kendra, which actually worked out very nicely. For one thing, we all fit in one car which was great, plus they are the two I know the best so it was nice to spend some alone time with them. We looked for 5 caches and found 4. The one we didn't find was a puzzle cache, so I guess it's possible we didn't figure out the right coordinates from the puzzle, but I think we did. It certainly wasn't a very difficult puzzle. There was one ambiguous part but the rest was just basic math. And 2 out of 3 of us are engineers so you'd think we could do that. Plus we used Kristie's cell phone calculator to double check ourselves (we actually did the math by hand first)! They both loved it and Kendra thought her husband would really enjoy it as well.

Not much else going on - Geoff's been super busy at work this week but he should slow way down next week. We had a great softball game on Monday night and we have another one tonight. The weather is looking pretty nice for the game, hopefully it won't be too cold/windy for the girls. My sister is in Bilbao, Spain and is visiting the Guggenheim this weekend. We're going camping in 2 weeks - for 4 nights, yay! We're having a Mother's Day brunch next weekend, then camping, then the week after that is Memorial Day! I can't believe it's May already.

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