Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I can hit!

I love when we get our gas bill, because I love seeing how low it can be each month. So today I said to Geoff "tomorrow they read the gas meater!" "I mean meter". Geoff was like "HAHAHAHAHAHA. Meater!!" Yes, it's funny.

Lest you think I'm a softball star and that's why I'm coaching (I know, none of you are that dilusional), I have really never hit a softball or baseball in my life. We used to play in gym class for a couple of weeks a year, and I can't recall ever hitting it. Sure, maybe I got a little piece of it or maybe even hit a foul ball or two, but I certainly never hit the ball. Geoff even threw me a couple of pitches before a practice a couple of months ago, but nothing.

Yesterday I decided that after all of this coaching and telling the girls how to hit it, I HAD to be able to hit a softball! We were very early for our game again and so was one little girl, so Geoff was doing some batting practice with her. He had 6 balls and threw her 4, and then she had to go to the bathroom. So I grabbed a bat (yes, it's meant for 3rd graders, but whatever) and asked Geoff to throw me the last 2 balls. I figured after all of the girls I've watched be corrected in their batting stance, girls I've corrected, and all of the times we've said "keep your eye on the ball!" I would know how to stand, and if I could keep my eye on the ball I could actually hit it. The first one was a bad pitch, but the second one I hit dead on and it went all the way into the outfield!! I was a little shocked. So then I ran out there and collected all 6 balls and had Geoff pitch them to me again. 2 were bad pitches, 1 I nicked a little but didn't quite get, but the other 3 I hit! Again, all of them to the outfield. I'm so proud. I now have the skill level of a 3rd grader!

Oh, and since the Duggar Family is pregnant again, Momlie and I have decided that they should name their new baby Jeffrey, to go with all 17 other J names they have.


marisa said...

honestly, i'm now just more impressed that you could coach little girls successfully without having major softball skills yourself - it gives the rest of us hope. :)

i don't know if you saw this, but on the duggar family website, they have a place where you can vote for the new baby's name! i'm not sure if jeffrey was an option, though ...

themotherinlaw said...

You and Geoff really do need to get started if you're going to catch up!