Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fuzzy Posters and Cake, oh my!

So Monday Geoff was REALLY cute and sweet... he was just adorable. Can't get over it. Then Tuesday he was "poopy"... just feeling kinda blah, didn't want to do anything all day. But I needed to do a ton of errands! So he did them all with me anyway... we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got a credit, returned something to Target and something else to Target, deposited some money into my bank - see, good errands! Got like $200 back between all of those things. We also went to Michaels to sign up for Wilton Course I - Cake Decorating. YAY!!! The course was free with purchase of the Wilton caddy. So while we were there, he asked if we could get Fuzzy Posters to decorate. Um, okay you weirdo! His family always spends Christmas afternoon watching movies and coloring Fuzzy Posters. So he wanted to do that. Apparently, he has a secret passion for coloring that I never knew about! He said he even likes coloring books! Funny. But cute. So we bought them and colored them while we were watching 24. It was my very first Fuzzy Poster - I'm almost done!

Yesterday we went to Costco to get oil for an oil change in the Tahoe, and then we went to Sears to look at appliances. My dryer took THREE HOURS to dry a load of towels the other night and I've had it up to here! A coworker just got a new washer and dryer from Sears and RAVES about them constantly. A weeks worth of jeans and fleeces for a family of 4 in one load dried in 40 minutes?!?! Wow. Geoff also told me he could put new tile in the bathroom (the laundry room is also a bathroom) and I could paint it... it would be GREAT. That room is so ugly... the floor is really cheap quality and has lots of dings and the wall is all banged up. Not sure why, the rest of the house is in great condition. But it's always been that way. I think grey tile with grey walls and a blue washer/dryer would be GREAT! But... we'll see. Not quite yet. After that we went home and watched more 24. We are in the middle of season 2 and it's REALLY GOOD.

Can't wait for cake decorating class tonight! This weekend I plan to make and decorate a few cakes, don't worry, there will be pictures!


Shawn said...

Enjoyed reading your blog, Thanks ;)

marisa said...

ooh, one of my friends here did the michael's cake decorating course and does amazing cakes now ... she even made and decorated her own wedding cake!