Monday, March 05, 2007

Cake Pic Captions

Here’s the rundown on all the cake pics below (I finally realized that it’s much easier to do all of the pics and then the text, blogger doesn’t do captions very well):

1. The first two cakes I baked, cooling on my new cooling rack.
2. My cake decorating caddy – you can see quite a few tips and my 4 different bottles of color
3. My first layer… with the icing “dam” and then with raspberry filling
4. My first cake, iced but not decorated
5. The final result of my first cake… it looked a lot better before I tried adding the leaves (we don’t do leaves in class for 3 more weeks!)
6. Detail of my purple flower, with star filling
7. My second cake. I did dinos because I bought a box of 101 cookie cutters as patterns and dinos were one of the options. I thought a dino cake would be fun. I wish I had a 3 year old.
8. A picture of Mt. Hood over my house! My house is the tan one right below the mountain. How fun is that?!

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