Monday, March 05, 2007

Hello World

Wow, it seems that I haven't REALLY posted in a while.

Let's see... Thursday I went to the gym with Cindy and then went to cake decorating! It was REALLY fun, we went through all of the materials you'd need for class and then we watched our instructor decorate a cake doing all of the techniques we'll learn in this class (it's Wilton Course I, there are 2 more courses after this). After that I went home and watched 24 with Geoff.

Friday I took my usual nap (yay) and then Geoff came home from work with Comet, his parent's dog. His parents were in Vegas for the weekend so he picked the dog up from doggy day care and then was taking it back to their house. I went with him and we picked up Qdoba for dinner, then hung out at his parent's for a while. After that we went to The Way - it was Geoff's first time and he was a little overwhelmed/uncomfortable. He is not used to that style of worship, which generated a REALLY good discussion! It was one of my favorite conversations we've had in recent memory. It was fun... challenging and interesting. (he will probably think my use of the word "fun" here will be odd). The normal main speaker was sick, so he is going to go back at least a few more times to give the main speaker a chance and to see if he could adapt to that style of worship. We did run into several people we/he knew though - people from Quarterlife (the singles group where we met), a couple of friends of his brother, and my next door neighbor's brother. Oh, and a girl that is a friend of our friend Jenny... we couldn't realize how we knew her (and she couldn't figure out how she knew us), then realized that we'd all taken ballroom dancing lessons together last spring! RANDOM!! It's kinda fun how many people you run into at something like that. After that Geoff spent the night at his parent's house to babysit the dog.

Saturday Geoff didn't have to work until noon, so we went to Ihop for breakfast. I had their new cinnamon roll french toast, YUM! After that Geoff went to work and I went to town on the cake decorating!! It was pretty fun. I really don't remember what all I did Saturday - it was a worthless day I guess. Oh well. I had to bake the cakes and the first one took a while to decorate because I wasn't used to it. We had pizza for dinner. Oh!! I know what else I did - I went to a store called Cash & Carry (Smart & Final in other places). A coworker recommended it as a place to get cake supplies and it was GREAT. They had cake boxes (good for giving away cakes), cake boards, powdered sugar in big amounts, etc. And I didn't even explore the whole store, I'm saving that as a treat! It was like a Costco, but smaller, no membership fees, and geared more towards caterers for the most part. They had TONS of takeout containers, etc. They had more food items than I was expecting though. Anyway, definitely recommend checking the place out! Good prices and they take credit cards.

Sunday I slept in WAY late and missed church - ick! Then Geoff and I had lunch at Bugatti's and he asked if he could watch me decorate my cake. He had way more fun that he thought he would, and he even helped some too (he did the blue on the edge of the dino cake). Then he went to work. I went for a bike ride with Trevor and Eric and then came home, sat on the porch for a while (it was a GORGEOUS day) and then took a shower. Geoff and I met his parents at BW3s for dinner and heard all about their Vegas trip. They wanted to thank Geoff for taking care of the dog, so they got him a hat and shirt from the Shelby Museum (he is OBSESSED with the Shelby Mustang). We had a nice dinner and they invited us to go with them to Vegas next year (this same week) for the NASCAR race. Geoff and his stepdad really love NASCAR. They will get three day tickets for all of the pre-race events and Julie and I will just go for race day (we will be at the pool the rest of the time!). We'd go on Thursday and come back early Monday morning. How fun! So that's in the works. Then we went home, watched 24, and went to bed.

This week marks the "one year anniversary" of when Geoff and I remember getting to know each other better. On Wednesday of this week (Thursday this year, it was March 8th) we had Quarterlife and went to Applebees afterwards. Geoff was sitting directly across from me (he says he made Eric switch seats with him because he wanted to sit right across from me, I don't remember that). I was leaving for Spain the next morning to go see my sister, so I wanted to stay up all night packing, watching 24, etc. So I invited anyone to go to the 24 Hour Starbucks with me... my friend Serena and Geoff went. Actually several other people went too, but Serena, Geoff, and I stayed until 2 or 3 in the morning! (they both work retail and had the next day off). It started snowing about midnight and it was BEAUTIFUL. :) Geoff was going to volunteer to keep me company and awake while I packed, but earlier in the night I'd been talking about how it annoys me when people invite themselves to thigns, so he didn't (of course I didn't know all of that until later). But yeah, it was a great night, we talked for hours with Serena and had a blast. I did end up sleeping a little bit and then Geoff sent me a text the next morning to make sure I got to the airport okay (it had snowed quite a bit and he had chains on his truck). So sweet! When I told him that was this week last year he said "Let's go to Starbucks Wedneady night!" Too bad I'll be in Arizona without him. ;-)

I was thinking today about how different all of the blogs that I read are. I go into detail about every boring thing I do. Some people tend to be more topical, just focus on one thing that came up during the day. Those people tend to generate more comments. Some people are more random. And yet they're all interesting to read. Part of the fun of blogging is getting to know the person you're reading about better, and part of that is seeing their writing style.

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