Sunday, March 11, 2007

A quick AZ Post

Arizona is AWESOME. I really really really want to move here - maybe a year or more down the line I will have that opportunity! Wednesday we got here and then after work had dinner with some people from work at Gardunos, a Mexican place that I have been to before in New Mexico with my grandparents. Then I went to my hotel but they'd overbooked it so I had to go all over creation to the new hotel they got for me - greeeaaaat. Luckily Geoff helped me out on the phone, finding the new place and all! I did get the night for free though. Thursday after work I drove up to Scottsdale to find Patrick's apartment. We hung out for a short bit and then went to sushi with Hart and Becky at Sushi Eye. YUM. I got in trouble for not sharing sushi, but I have learned the ways of these AZ people. Then we had this AMAZING warm cookie with ice cream and whipped cream at Tilted Kilt, then went to go pick up Geoff at the airport. Oh - I had a glass of wine at Tilted Kilt and it was HOT. They're like "hey, that's what our room temperature is here". So weird. Friday Geoff and I went to CSK Auto Headquarters (first picture below) so he could say he's been there. We also went to one of the Checker (second picture below) stores here too. We also ate at In-N-Out... yum. We did random driving around for the rest of the night. For dinner, we met Patrick, Hart, and Becky at Grilled Expedition - AWESOME food. Then we went back to Tilted Kilt so Geoff could try a cookie. Then a quick stop at Walmart for closed toe shoes and then we go-karted. I apparently go-kart like "an old lady on the freeway" - sad! Geoff thought I was having a miserable time and crying in my helmet the whole time... NOT TRUE! I was having a blast I just seem a little slower than others. My average lap time was a full 10 seconds slower than everyone else's. And I only got to do 11 of the 16 laps everyone else did. Seriously, I was THAT slow. Oh well. It was a blast, and Hart says Patrick and Becky started out that way too! Saturday Patrick, Geoff, and I went to Paradise Bakery for lunch - I never thought I'd say this, but I like it BETTER than Panera! Insane! Great food though. Then off to a Cubs spring training game! There are a few pictures from the game below... I had a BLAST. I love baseball... it's so nice and warm and relaxing and fun. After that we went and looked at bikes for Patrick... I hope he gets one! I LOVE biking. Then we picked up Hart for dinner and went to Los Dos... my coworker has RAVED about this place to me for about a year. The margaritas were great... I haven't had a margarita like that any place other than Mexico. The atmosphere was fabulous and the food was good too. SPICY. But good. It was seriously a great place, I loved it. Picture below! That is outside in the cantina. It was perfect. Perfect night. Then we played the Wii at Hart's house - I had NO IDEA how much fun it would be, it was great. Unfortunately he has two cats and I'm SUPER allergic to cats. I took Benedryl before we went but that made me tired... so I was tired and allergic. We went home after an hour or so. But I still had a super fun night. Now we're off to Casino Arizona for the Sunday brunch and then some gambling! YAAAAY for penny slots! :) Hehe. More to come later.

Oh yes - Geoff finally got a blog! Check it out!

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