Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Welcome to Andy!

First off, we need a huge shout-out to Andy, my newest reader. I'm a huge fan of Andy because he's expanding my horizons. Yesterday he had the brilliant idea to go to Caffe Mingo on NW 21st (remember what a fan I am of NW, particularily 23rd and 21st) for Italian. SO GOOD. We were big fans, even Vinnie, the "Italian", approved. I'm the token girl, Vinnie's the token "Italian" dude, and Andy I suppose is the token Asian guy. It works out well for us I guess. We're diversifying, adding more women to the mix is the next way to meet the diversity goals. Andy thinks we should aim for 50/50, I'm more of a realist and think that maybe a 60/40 or even 66/33 men to women mix is appropriate. Or at least what we're going to get, considering we're all engineers. But anyway, dinner last night was amazing, and then we went to Mio Gilato for dessert. Yuuuuuuum.

Y'all, remind me to tell you the story of the bits in about 2 weeks. You'll be amused, and then I can start telling you when I give bits and get bits. But without the background, I'll tell the short story of last night, at Mio Gilato they give you these cool cups, which Andy and Vin like to reuse (like for salsa, etc.). I however like the spoons, even though they're not nearly as valuable as the cups. So Vin and I negotiated, I gave him my cup for his spoon and 5 bits. Good deal for me, because I spent 2000 bits Sunday night so I was way lacking on bits. I need to be ahead because then I have that to hold over his head. :-)

Anyway, going back in time a little bit, last week was HORRIBLE at work. Dude seriously nothing good came of it. It was my 4 day week which was bad to begin with, but to top it off, the factory was not running well so I had to focus on that all week rather than getting real work done. Not that that's not real work, but it's not stuff that I personally have to do and have deadlines for. So there has been a lot of working at home this weekend, thank goodness for laptops. And to top it off, at the very end of my week, a woman at work called me "unprofessional" and "non-constructive". She didn't really call ME that, but she said that a report I had written (or really just summarized) was that way. A co-worker of mine told me to brush it off, that she's just that way. So I did, but I was still perturbed and hard a hard time falling asleep after work. Oh well.

The Super Bowl party Sunday made up for it all! Adds was in town so goodness was had by all. We seriously had a super great time, hanging out with lots of friends, watching the game, drinking, and laughing. It's always so fun when Addy comes to town because we are just hysterically laughing the whole time! I love it!! :-) So yes that was great. Then Addy and I went to Chevy's for lunch yesterday, yuuuum. Chevy's is ALWAYS good.

Now I'm starving and need to eat lunch, and I know I should be good and eat at home but I'm not inspired. I might do Qdoba, I'm kind of addicted to their quesidillas. Is that spelled right? At any rate, Andy's going to introduce me to Indian food, Latino food, and who knows what else. In return, I will introduce him to the Portland City Grill, and that should be worth LOTS of new introductions. We all know how much I love that place! :-)

So, this was a better blog than most I think, so maybe I'll have a few good ones coming along here. Tonight's Fat Tuesday, who knows what the evening shall hold for us...


chungag said...

Yay! I'm the token Asian!

Jenni said...

Quesadilla :)