Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Aunt Julie Weekend

So, Saturday we went to Chipotle, where Vin was absolutely charming... who knows where that came from?! He said it took a LOT of effort. Then Aunt Julie went to bed since she was exhausted from flying all day, and Vin and I watched Alias. It was REALLY weird this week... I don't know what the deal was with that.

Sunday, it looked like it was going to be sunny... great. Only it wasn't! So we went to Hale's for breakfast, then got Vin and went to Pittock Mansion and the Rose Garden... not such great views, so it was a little underwhelming. Then we drove along Skyline for a while and then dropped Vin off and then went to Powell's. THEN we picked Vin up (lots of back and forth Portland to Beaverton) and went to Portland City Grill... man I love that place. As always! We had 1 or 2 new things for me and of course many different appetizers. I like when Vin goes because we get to have lots of stuff because he's a hungry growing boy. Then Vin, Daniel, and I watched Ray at his house.

Monday, Julie and I went up to Seattle for the day. We went to Pike's Place, then to eat at a great restauraunt on the pier. Then I bought some tuna, tulips, a painting, and some Italian sausage for Vin. Good times. Then we drove home and had a lovely dinner at Chili's and went to Michael's to get a frame for my picture. Then I just played on my computer and talked to Julius. Vin was in a "bad mood"... apparently he hates Valentine's Day, though I had no idea.

Tuesday, THE SUN WAS SHINING!!! We went to Seaside and Astoria, and it was cold so we just saw the ocean and then grabbed some hot chocolate in Seaside, then drove up to Astoria and ate lunch there out on the Columbia River. Yuuuuum more seafood. :-) Then we basically drove back, but we stopped at Montinore Estates on the way back. We tried a bunch of wines, and I bought my pinot noir chocolate sauce that I've been wanting and a bottle of their 2002 Pinot Noir. Yummy. :-) PLUS, since it was sunny, you could see Hood, Adams, Jefferson, and St. Helens from the vineyard! Julie was absolutely thrilled, and so was I that she finally saw it. When we got back I met up with Vin at REI to do some pre-shopping for the weekend, and then I went to Macaroni Grill with Julie. Yuuuuuuuuum. I really really like that place. Then more chatting online, then Vin stopped by after his movie around 11:30. It was like he was sleepwalking, we were trying to plan our trip but he was psycho. He's one of those people that when he's tired he just basically falls asleep. Weird.

Today I took Julie to the airport (sad) and then I went to REI in Portland and then REI in Hillsboro to get some stuff. YAY lots of good purchases. I enjoyed it much. Will make a few exchanges Friday when I get my rentals but for the most part I'm pleased. Lots of goodness going on!

And now, a two day work week before BEND!!!!!!

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