Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I'm better now

Okay, so after I almost threw my computer out the window when I lost my blog yesterday (which would not have been good because it was my work computer), I'm feeling good today. Here's the weekend in review (my looong weekend!!)

Saturday: Went to Vin's during the afternoon to hang out, though I am completely blanking on what we did. That's really bugging me. Then we were driving to somewhere to do something else (I think we were going to REI) when his friend Brian called him and asked us to go downtown for dinner with him, so we did. We met up with Geoff there and had a yum dinner. BUT the boys were so annoyingly glued to the TV. We were in kind of a sports bar like place so they had their eyes on the screens the whole time and I got a *little* annoyed towards the end. Oh well, what can I say? I could sit at home if I wanted to stare at the TV. But then Geoff, Vin, and I went to a bar in Lake Oswego (a south suburb) called RAM. We played pool for almost 2 hours, it was great because I am horrible at pool so it was nice to be able to give it more of a chance. I learned a lot about the angles and stuff and the guys were like woah you've improved a lot tonight. So hopefully I'll be able to hang onto those skills going forward.

Sunday: We went to Qdoba for lunch and then to the amazing REI. YAY so fun. I got a great new shirt. Then I went and looked at a bunch of new houses and townhouses all day and then went to church that evening. Then I went on my FAVORITE Sunday date night -- Portland City Grill. I'm very skilled at finding good seats there. Since we don't go to the restaurant but just go to the bar section for happy hour, you have to scope out the good seats. Window seats are ideal but hard to come by... but tonight there weren't any seats, even the other seats in the bar area. Just bar seats... so we sat at the piano bar and Vin was like "let's just go sit at the regular bar" and I was like "but those people are getting up!" and practically ran over across the bar to window seats where people were getting up. So basically all but 1 time I've been there I've had a window seat, and the other time I had a pretty good seat at a tall pub table so I could still see out. And the window seats are just better because they're like low comfy chairs and they're good for talking and chilling. We had a long wonderful date and drank and ate lots of yummy food. Soooooo amazing. I'm still smiling.

Monday: I spent most of the day copying files from my computer to my external hard drive in preparation to reformat my hard drive which is being super obnoxious at the moment. So we'll see about that one. Then I went with Vin and Andy downtown to Papa Haydn, a dessert place on NW 23rd, which is the yuppiest street in town. Soooo fun. I love 23rd. I had a port and a white chocolate mint cake. I was like "ugh, too much chocolate, I'm going to die" and Vin was like "let this be the day, marked forevermore, that a woman said she had too much chocolate". Teehehehe. Seriously though, UGH.

Tuesday: I had a meeting in the morning, and I also watched 24 in the morning and 7th Heaven this afternoon. I also cleaned my whole apartment, went to go see In Good Company, did laundry, and paid my bills (the 1st is always the big bills day). So much gets done on my days off when I put in a little effort! Then I went down to Southeast (Portland is not like Chicago with the names of the areas, we just have Southeast, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, the West Hills) for the intro night for this hiking class I want to take (www.mazamas.org). I really really think I'm going to take it, I'm so excited. Speaking of the hiking class, I should specify that it's a CLIMBING class. Andy, one of my favorite co-workers, has this big joke with me about hiking class and how they're going to teach me to walk. It's left right, left right, left right, etc. His wife carried on the joke saying "no honey, they also teach arm coordination, how to swing the right arm forward when you take a left step". We laugh about this often, and also make fun of each other for being crunchy Oregonians. He eats very crunchy food so I make fun. And he wore a recycling t-shirt the other day when we were working out (we work out every day at 4 AM) so I made looooots of fun of that. He even admitted that it was way way crunchy. Haha. Anyway it's a huge joke and I'm like the crunchiest person of all time and I'm going to meet horrible crunchy people at this class according to him. And I think his wife thinks I'm horribly crunchy too, so I have to redeem myself at the winter party. I have to be wonderful and perfect and elegant and gorgeous so she knows how fabulous and yuppie I really am. We'll see. Oh, but one of the funniest parts of the whole story is this her great-grandfather was a FOUNDING member of the mazamas! LOL... she makes fun of her own family's stuff.


Jenni said...

Yeah ... I wouldn't recommend going to sports bars with boys. They have this trance-like behavior.

Pidat said...

entertaining reading from the thailand, on super bowl monday morning. have you set the date for the wedding yet?