Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Three Day Week

Last night = Way too much fun. :-)

Seriously it was an awesome night out! Andy, Vin, Geoff and I all went to Chili's for some YUM dinner before going downtown. It was stellar. Then Andy went home 'cause he had an early meeting this morning, and Geoff, Vin, and I went back to Vin's for a little bit before heading downtown. We parked near Kells but didn't see a lot of people there, so we wandered over to Voodoo Lounge (where I went the first night I met Vin) and went there for the night. I had so much fun, it was seriously one of the best nights I've had in a looooong time. Huge shout out to the boys for being the barers of fun, definitely owe them. I missed having Adds around, but hopefully she'll be back soon. Actually she requests that we go down there, so maybe we can get that to work sometime soon. March 12th might be a good weekend for that. So far away though. And actually Addy has finals that next week so taht might not work out. Oh well, soon enough, soon enough. :-)

This morning I woke up soooooo sick. My throat is way sore and I'm all stuffed up and YUCKY. Thanks Adds for making me sick. Oh well, I just woke up for like an hour, then I went back to sleep all day with a humidifier in my room, so I actually felt much better. Than I grabbed some dinner with Vin and Daniel, yay to Chipotle. We wanted to get free burritos for this weekend, so at least we have that going for us. YUMMY. :-) That's all for now I think, more soon as always. I'm trying to get better about blogging, it's just so much more fun when other people are doing it too, or at least commenting!

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osuaddy said...

HAHA - serves ya'll right for wanting to kiss me ;) j/k!! Sorry you are all sicky poo thanks to me. It was TONS of fun seeing you and thanks for making me so welcome all the time up there. See you April 9th for the TTT Party ;) haha.