Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Is it cheating?

To completely copy someone else's blog? Addy's blog is soooooo good, I just have to copy it for you.... I'll adapt it a little to make it more enjoyable for all.

Top Ten Reasons Sunday was AWESOME

#1 - Adds coming up to Portland to see me and The Vin
#2 - Superbowl Sunday in general.
#3 - Geoff being the sweetest guy in the world!!
#4 - Secret Kelly and Addy giggle fest every time we get together
#5 - Chevy's Monday afternoon with The Adds
#6 - Meeting and making comments about "Vaulted Ceilings/Platter/Owl Ears, Goldfish, Old Man, Kramer, etc." Those were all names we came up for people.... awesome good times.
#7 - Another batman movie? what?!?!? Batwoman will be stoked for sure.
#8 - Trecking all over Hillsboro for some hot tub usage... it didn't work out.
#9 - Cali King Style Bed full of Burrito-ish-ness- and then followed by some karate chop action.
#10 - Yikes to our own verision of THE OC Sunday night - serious drama fest.

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