Thursday, May 07, 2009

A venting day :)

UGH! Today is one of those days, you know?

- Work is not going right. I am getting questions that are making me feel as though I'm not doing my job correctly, and that's annoying. I'm TRYING not to overreact, because it's quite possible people are just asking questions, but it doesn't feel that way. I think this is my own issue though, otherwise I would ask if there is something I can do to improve.

- One of our softball parents was rude to us yesterday, making us feel as though we are inadequate as coaches - not giving out information we don't have, etc. I don't particularly care what the parents think of me, but I DO want them to have a positive experience so I feel bad if they feel they are not. This is one area where Geoff and I differ - he cares more about people's impressions of him, whereas I am a pleaser - I could care less what people think about me, but if they are not happy I get VERY unhappy. I dwelled on this for most of the night last night and continue to dwell on it today. This is why I'm bad with conflict - because I don't like it when people feel I have disserviced them in some way, and it's hard for me to deal with it. Thanks to my college mentor, I am WAY better at it then I used to be.

- KFC was kind enough to put a coupon out for folks to print to try their new grilled chicken. It used a coupon printer called Bricks (that I use frequently) to print it. Bricks is awesome because it lets you print 1 or 2 coupons per printer and prints a new code on each coupon. This prevents people from just printing a million coupons and abusing them. I printed the coupon Tuesday through Bricks (yesterday was the last day to print it, although it can be used for a few more weeks). Today, I got an email with a PDF attachment of the coupon. UGH!!!! That is coupon fraud, people. Not only is that punishable by law (as it clearly states on the coupon), but it truly does encourage stores and manufacturers not to offer coupons anymore. And if they do continue to offer coupons, they are much less likely to take internet printables. This is frustrating to NO END to legitimate coupon users like me. PLEASE read all of the fine print on your coupons. If it says one per person, do that. If it says one per household, do that. It typically says one per item, and you can use it as many times for as many coupons as you have. But each coupon is different, and you need to read the print on each one (this goes for all coupons: internet printables, manufacturer's coupons from the Sunday inserts, and store coupons). Down with coupon fraud!

Okay. Now that I have finished venting, a few highlights in my day:

- My manager noticed my long face, and asked what was wrong. I explained my frustrations and he said if there is anything he can do, let him know. He said he'd be happy to call the other group (that was asking so many questions) and talk to their manager or whoever for me. I told him that wasn't necessary, but still. That was awesome. He said it comes with having a wife and 4 daughters - he can spot a funny look miles away! :-) BEST. MANAGER. EVER.

- Mexico in 3 days.

- My coworker just send me this GLORIOUS article on KFC coupon fraud. Yay yay yay!!! KFC is saying NO to the PDF coupons (which all have the same barcode as opposed to the unique barcode on each Bricks coupon). Of course that doesn't stop someone from making a new PDF, but it's a step in the right direction!!!

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