Friday, May 22, 2009


Mexico was FANTASTIC. For future reference, I highly recommend travelling when the CDC recommends avoiding all non-essential travel to a certain country. We had our own rows on the plane going down and coming up we had two to a row instead of the normal 3. At the resort we stayed at, there were 3 resorts owned by the same people right on the same strip of land. They had closed 2 of the resorts and consolidated all of the guests into 1 - and it STILL wasn't full. It was absolutely fantastic. I also recommend NOT going to Mexico this June or July! They said everyone had rebooked for then... I imagine having to sit two to a seat on the airplanes, never finding a seat by the pool or tube for the lazy river, and having to wait in line for dinner.

The resort we stayed in is Mexican-owned, and there was a large percentage of Mexican folks staying there. Crocs are apparently the national shoe of Mexico - 95% of the Mexican people were wearing Crocs. When you'd get in the lazy river, there would be dozens of pairs of Crocs sitting near the entrance. So interesting and amusing! There were regular Crocs, Disney Crocs, Dora Crocks, Croc sandals, and every other kind of Croc you can imagine in every color you can imagine!

Here's the lowdown... I'll try not to go into TOO much painful detail like I usually do.

Sunday: We arrived and had a nice dinner by the pool at a restaurant named Samba. I had a very Mexican meal - cheesburger and fries. :) We enjoyed a short dip in the dipping pool on the patio of our unit.

Monday: We went to a nice brunch in the morning and then Geoff and hit the lazy river while Oma and Opa went to an owner's meeting (they are timeshare owners where we stayed). We read, relaxed, explored, and enjoyed fun in the sun. Oh, and we went shopping at the Mega (the supermarket).

Tuesday: It was overcast, so we headed downtown to Puerto Vallerta. We walked around for a bit, I was interviewed by a German student studying Mexican tourism, and then we went to Hard Rock Cafe! We had a delicious lunch (okay, so not very Mexican) and Geoff was finally able to "replace" his beat up holey Hard Rock Cafe London shirt. :)

Wednesday: Relaxed poolside, went to the water slide and in the wave pool.

Thursday: Another relaxing day in the sun and then we went to the Mexican Fiesta on the beach! We got to see the Mexican Flyers, eat a ton of fabulous food, watch contests and music and other great entertainment, and see a mama sea turtle lay her eggs. Soooo much fun.

Friday: Another day of lots of pool time! We had a nice dinner at a restaurant in the hotel and Opa and I shared a bottle of Mexican Merlot. Played some cards (Hand & Foot) too!

Saturday: Spent the morning and afternoon by the pool and that night Geoff and I got to go on this amazing boat ride to a fantastic dinner and show called Rhythms of the Night at a place called Las Caletas. It was so beautiful - we had dinner right on the beach about 20 feet from the water and dined just as the sun was setting. A fantastic last evening of our vacation!

Sunday: We woke up early so we could spend a few more hours near the pool. Oma and I went around the lazy river for a good hour and a half or so... capping a great week of stories! After that we packed up and headed out - Swine Flu free. :)

I think I've done a pretty darn good job of keeping the blog short! YAY for me!

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