Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Yesterday I was in a meeting and a coworker told me that I had won an award (along with him and a person in finance). It was presented at a meeting I typically don't go to (because I go to the equivalent in another building), so I didn't know about it before that. He said "don't worry, there wasn't any money or anything associated with it". I joking asked "how about a plaque or a piece of paper with our name on it?" He said no. :)

This morning I was looking at my paystub (I get paid this Friday and our paystub posts two days early) - and I noticed some additional money that I wasn't expecting. Turns out, there was in fact money associated with this award. Even better!

But the VERY BEST PART is that I was in a meeting this afternoon with some managers and a VP. One of the managers gave a short blurb about the award and gave a plaque to me and one of the other people who won it (the third person wasn't in the meeting). I was SO EXCITED to get this plaque! It seems that everyone else who works at my company has 15 of these things, and I didn't have any. I have been trying to get one for years! And now I have my very first one - complete with my married name (funny story actually, the award was apparently delayed because they had my old name on the original one!). I'm thrilled. What a good day.

I don't normally see my person as someone who really cares that much about recognition. I know that everyone enjoys recognition, but it never seemed to be a big thing to me. But this particular award (and PLAQUE!!!) definitely make me feel recognized and appreciated. And now I don't have to keep hoping for one of those plaques!

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Matt Singley said...

Congrats on your award, plaque and $$! :)