Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"All our freezing is not for naught!"

Geoff and I have been leaving the heater off a LOT at our house lately. Basically it is on from about 5 PM to 9 PM most nights - we turn it off when we got to bed, then leave it off until we get home from work the next day. We do this to "be green" and to save money. It's just the two of us, we're perfectly capable of putting on a sweater, and we just don't care about being super warm all the time. Well, last year in the February billing cycle the heating bill was $89.52. Today I got an email saying our statement was ready for viewing, and I was like "cool, maybe it will be like $75". Geoff thought "maybe it's even better, like $60!!!" So I went to view it... and $49.68! I couldn't believe the difference. It's not like it was on non-stop last winter... we have one of those programmable thermostats... but I guess turning it off for 20 hours every day really makes a HUGE difference! Awesome! :)

The title of my post? A quote from Geoff. ;-)

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marisa said...

i am so impressed!! i'm pretty sure that even when we lived in a 1000 square foot apartment, our bill was higher than your last year bill. thankfully we don't have to freeze because our hoa pays the heating bill (although i guess we do pay a monthly hoa fee so it's kind of like we pay it, just not directly), and our e&g bill is usually around $25-30 all winter. makes up for the summer when it's more like $60 from running the a/c and fans all day.