Tuesday, October 23, 2007


First of all, I'm sick of coming up with blog titles. I rarely blog about something that can be neatly wrapped up into some small little title. Nuts.

Moving on, I have a confession. I am actively avoiding someone who works in the same building as me. It's a sad situation. I know when he/she eats lunch, so I have REARRANGED my lunch schedule so that I eat at a seperate time. Like I'm seriously afraid to see him/her in the cafe! Only I'm not really afraid... it's like I know this person as an acquaintance but don't really have anything in common with him/her, so I feel it's awkward when we talk. So instead of chancing running into him/her and talking, I avoid him/her. There is an entire part of our building I won't go to because I know he/she works there. I should just get over myself. What a fool.

I called into a radio show for the very first time this morning! I listen to 104.1 the Fish in Portland, and every morning on the Pete and Brenda show they have the Nearly Impossible Question. I have a decent guess for the answer about 20% of the time, although I'm not always right. And a lot of times they give a hint anyway. So this morning's question was "Up until recently there were very few books written about this topic, but there have been almost 100 in the last 3 years". I got in the car about 10 minutes after they first asked the question, so they were giving a hint when I was driving to work. Tthat clue was “car carriers, car seats, and strollers”. So a bunch of people guessed babies and stuff, which I thought was dumb because think of Dr. Spock in the 70’s! There are tons of books on that. So I was like “you idiots, it’s obviously multiple babies” (cause of all the infertility treatments and stuff). So they gave the phone number and I called it for the very first time!!! Pete himself answered (he’s the host!) and said “Pete and Brenda, nearly impossible question, what’s your guess?” I said “um, multiple babies” (I was thrown off by him answering!) and he said “no” and hung up. DANG!!!! I ran into work (cause I was in the parking lot when I got through on the phone, took about 10 busy signals before I did) and listened on the computer… they didn’t play my answer, but they played someone else who said multiple babies without the um. But it was fun!!! I’m going to call every day now, at least if I have an inkling (I probably have an inkling about once a week). You win great gift certificates to restaurants and stuff!

By the way... the correct answer was "Baby Name Books". LAME.

Patrick sent me the menu for where he works today - it was SHOCKINGLY similar to the menu where I work. I was going to just link the menus, but I'll just post a sample instead:

Patrick's work:

Au Bon Pain Soup - Potato Cheese - $2.39/$2.89
Breakfast - Breakfast Sub - $5.59
Exhibition - Pasta Primavera - $6.29
Wild Greens - Garlic Roasted Shrimp Salad- $7.29
Deli - Roast Turkey, Provolone Cheese and Bacon Stacker - $6.29
Entree - Lemon Pepper Chicken - $5.99 - $6.99
Grill - New York Deli Burger - $6.99

My work:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Soup - Ham and White Bean, Red Bean, Beef and Collar Greens, Cabbage and Rice - $1.80
Breakfast Grill - Breakfast Croissant Sandwich - $2.25
Lunch Grill - Tuna Melt with Fresh Avocado - $3.25
Healthy Grill Entree - Hazelnut Encrusted Chicken Breast with Dijon mustard Sauce - $5.50
Crossroads Menu - Mustard Braised Pork with Roasted Red Potatoes, Vegetarian Leek and corn Stuffed Peppers served with Steamed Broccoli - $5.25/4.95
Personal Pizza - Enchilada Chicken with Grilled Onions and Peppers - $4.25
International Station - Bento Chicken with Jasmine or Brown rice and Stir fry Vegetables - $5.50
M-F Off Shift Crossroads - Chicken cordon bleu with Cream Sauce - $5.25
M-F Off shift Grill - Chipotle Chicken Wrap - $3.75

I was just VERY amused at how similar the two menus were! I guess corporate America is all the same....

Has anyone else noticed how much bank the Facebook peeps are raking in with the "gifts" they sell each day? They have "today's new gift" every day, and the availability of these gifts is generally 1 - 10 million. At $1 each, that's up to $10 million a day, provided they sell every one. I'm quite sure they don't, but SERIOUSLY! $10 million dollars a day for being able to create a graphic and allow people to select it, pay for it, and post it to someone else's "page". That's nuts. I wish I was so brilliant! And now by mocking this I have probably ruined what little chance I had to work at Facebook.... which is unfortunate, but I guess that's something I'll have to live with. Every time I check they have no jobs for me anyway!

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