Monday, October 08, 2007

Second camping trip!

We went camping again! We went Thursday through Monday and had an A-MAZ-ING time. Our friends Kendra and Beau joined us for Thursday night through Friday afternoon, then Saturday Geoff went into work (we were camping nearby at a new state park!) and then Sunday we went to a birthday party. But really, we camped. It was so relaxing and nice to just be together. Some pictures...

Kendra, Beau, and I all knew how to play "Mexican Train" dominoes. Geoff did not. So we taught him... and he LOVED it. He was like me when I first learned how to play - wanted to play nonstop. I think that's all I did spring quarter senior year of college. I had Double Nine dominoes that I brought along, and Geoff decided he wanted to get a bigger set. So he got Double Fifteens when we were out on Sunday... this is him unpacking all of his dominoes!

This is the results of a round of Mexican Train Geoff and I played Monday night. Yes, this seriously is from ONE ROUND played by two people. Double Fifteens is nuts!

Our beautiful campsite! :) Number 54 at LL Stub Stewart State Park.

Geoff's early birthday present (his birthday is in two weeks). A fancy new TV in the camper... we used our Costco rebate check for it.

Beau and Geoff. This picture turned out really crummy!

A random shot of our kitchen??

Another campsite shot. This one is mostly for Patrick to mock - note me reading. ;-)

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marisa said...

wow, mexican train dominoes looks crazy fun. do you have to have anything special to play it, or just dominoes?