Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hood to Coast Day

So today is the day that Hood to Coast entry forms must be mailed in. This morning I double checked my application, had Cindy review it, copied it, added the check, and put it in the envelope. Cindy was like "why'd you wait until the last minute?" No no... this isn't the "last" minute, this is the "only" minute. Only forms that are correctly filled out, have the correct check with them, and are postmarked ON October 17th will be considered. Then it's a lottery from that point. That's why I was so careful about making sure it was done correctly - this is my only chance to get it right! I will have 11 other team members who will be disappointed if we don't get in... and there's still a high chance of that, but I certainly don't want it to be my fault. I will drive to the post office (don't trust the work mail for this one) during lunch to get it mailed off! Scary day.


marisamitchell said...

wow, ON oct 17?? that is intense. i hope you guys get picked! (by the way - cute profile picture.)

Matt Singley said...

Jen called me no less than 10 times today to make sure I had "the package" and that it was properly stamped and sent off. Mission: accomplished.