Thursday, August 25, 2005


Okay what's up party people? I was just reading some of my old blogs and they are so cute. I'm so glad I blogged my last quarter of college, it's great reading about how much fun I have. I so miss GIV. Only 5 more nights of work left, then I start the new job and my "new life". Hmmmmm we'll see how that goes. :) So in 10 days I'll be in Chicago... YAY so exciting!!! I haven't been there in over a year, which I just absolutely can't believe. Seems so insane to me. Gosh, the last time I was there was for Jenn and Matt's wedding. Insanity. Hmmm, and this time is for Laura and Randy's wedding. I'm good at going to Chicago for weddings. Get married and invite me to your wedding! OH and Doug is coming to visit me!!! Yaaay he hasn't been to Oregon in almost 2 years. He's coming in September so it will be great. Woo hoo.

Yay for amazing conversations. :-)

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