Saturday, August 20, 2005

Andy hates Ikea

Seriously. He like, despises the place.

Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration. But he definitely hates Ikea shelves. Specifically, the shelf titled "Lack". He believes it stands for lack of quality.

The problem started in April, when he moved into his new townhouse. The previous owners had above-mentioned Lack shelves in his place, both in the living room and at least one of the bedrooms. They were also crooked (I do not blame Ikea for the crookedness), so Andy had to remove them and remount them. Ikea does not provide any way to mount these shelves, so he purchased some special nail/screw things (I can't remember what they're called) and put them into his wall and they're okay. He still hates them though.

Doug, however, happens to like them, and had always spoken highly of them. So the last time I was in Seattle, I stopped into Ikea and bought some for myself. Then I conned Andy into installing them for me. :-) Seriously though, for the record, he volunteered. So he came over Tuesday night to put these puppies up, and they were giving him quite the problems. First the screws or whatever that he brought over weren't the right ones. So we made a trip to Home Depot to get better ones, and it was still a bit of a challenge. Anyway, after a good while, he finally did it for me and I was happy. YAY! Just don't come over and try to tug on my shelves. Hehe. :-)

I'm a horrible storyteller. :-( Some people are just AWESOME story tellers... and it makes all the difference. For example, this guy Doug I work with -- amazing. Me -- not so much! I'm going to work on that -- any ideas how?

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chungag said...

Those were dry wall anchors or hollow wall mounts.

You forgot to mention that your walls are all wavy, which made these shelves even more difficult to mount. I still need to come back and figure out why one of the screws doesn't go into the bottom of the shelves.