Friday, August 12, 2005

The Dinner of Shifty People

So last Tuesday night I went out to dinner with Amanda, Andy, Addy, and Steve. GREAT dinner! I had so much fun. We went to Outback and had a great time. We told all sorts of hysterical stories about very shifty people. It started with Amanda's cousin, who has been dating a guy for about a year and a half. Then all of the sudden she gets a call on her cell phone from a woman asking why her husband bought her flowers? Apparently this woman had been suspicious of her husband for a while, and then saw a flower charge on the credit card bill so called the flower shop and found out the delivery phone number and called Amanda's cousin. The woman was actually pretty nice about it when she realized Amanda's cousin had NO idea. Shifty. And the people have a kid and the woman is pregantn and all sorts of shiftiness.

Oh, so let me back up. The whole "shifty" word got started when we were supposed to go to dinner last Monday night at Widmer, cause they are cool and have happy hour Monday nights. Then I hear this rumor that Amanda is being "shifty" (Andy's word, not mine) and is talking about not going. So I send her an email called "shifty girl" and find out she has an alleged meeting and can't go. So we reschedule to Tuesday night.

So then after Amanda tells her story, I tell mine. I won't tell all of the details to protect the innocent (ME), but apparently the last people that lived in my house were quite scandalous. The next door neighbors had SWAT teams on their porch on two different occasions, the husband spent some time in jail, they were apparently loud all of the time (the spouses yelling at each other, the kids yelling at each other, the dad yelling at the kids, etc), and they were just a little crazy sometimes. The neighbors have apparently all been asking each other if this house is abandoned. But now I've met more of the neighbors and they're all VERY nice. Everyone in the neighborhood waves all the time, and the next door neighbor helped me move my cable from one wall to the other (he used to work for a cable company), and they're all just SUPER nice. As much as I would have thought I would have wanted to live in a more modern "trendy" house, when I walked in this place just felt like home. And it really has been. I grow to like it more and more every day! And I love having neighbors who are real people and kids playing in the street (though you have to be careful not to run those critters over) and people to give me advice about watering my flowers and all of that good stuff. It's so great! Happiness.

So anyway, that was most of the shiftiness. Andy said "this has been the dinner of shifty people" which I thought was a perfect blog title! And so it inspired me to blog for once. :-)

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