Tuesday, September 07, 2004

So uncool!

So uncool = me.

Here's the thing. When one joins the working world, they just don't have as much of interest to discuss. I mean, when I was at school and enjoying the life of piledom, I always had Dena & Caroline antics to discuss, or whatever psycho thing Killian was doing at the moment. Now I'm like "uhhhh yeah, I worked, and then I slept. Then I worked. Oh yeah, and then I slept again." So yeah, Wednesday I worked during the day, then slept from about 3 PM - 9 PM, then worked from 12 AM - 7 AM. Then I slept and worked Thursday night from 6:00 PM - 7:30 AM Friday morning. HERE'S WHERE IT GETS FUN!

So most of you probably don't know that not all has been exactly stellar in Doug & Kelly land lately. To put all of the blame on him (ha), I'll just say that he does not handle this long-distance thing very well. Which is 100% accurate. We could say it's my fault for moving to Oregon or his for moving to LA, but in either case somewhere along the line we ended up 1000 miles away from each other (which actually is an improvement over the last 10 months). But somehow now it feels more permanent. He loves LA and I love Intel. I think he's just sort of realizing the enormity of all of that... and is freaking out. So all of this happened about a month ago (the beginning of him freaking out). About 2 weeks ago we talked about seeing each other for Labor Day and I went ahead and booked tickets. Then he realized this is like his only free weekend for over a month and was like "ummmm maybe you shouldn't come". So I spent most of Friday night (which I had off of work) talking to him and trying to figure out if I was going to LA Saturday morning or not. I kind of pushed (what can I say, I'm a pusher), and finally he was like "well, just do whatever you want". So I decided to go... I know, stupid decision. To make it even more fun, I had slept too late on Friday (I meant to sleep until 3 and I slept until 6) so I could NOT fall asleep at all on Friday night. So I take the bus and the train to PDX, get all checked in, etc, etc. Then they're like "uhhh the LA airport is closed due to a few security breaches". WHAT?!? So I call Doug and he's like "yeah, that's definitely a sign you shouldn't come" (sort of joking, sort of not). But I'm stubborn so I went anyway... my flight actually ended up being less than an hour late, luckily I was not flying United (where the breaches really took place and where there were TONS of delays). So Saturday we chilled a little bit and then hung out with a friend of his from work and his wife. We had SO much fun. We went to grab some lunch about 4 PM, then we played an insane amount of Halo and Tetris Worlds on XBox. I tried to take a nap (mind you I had not slept at all since 6 PM the day before since I couldn't sleep on the plane) but for some crazy reason I couldn't sleep still even though I was exhausted. About 10 PM we were starving again so we went to Denny's. After that we did a little bit of drinking and then they headed home. Doug and I talked for a little bit and went to bed around 2ish. Sunday was pretty chill... he had to pick up his cousin from the airport so we didn't get to go to church, but then we made some pancakes together. Then he had a guys night with his cousin since he hadn't seen him in 2 weeks so I went to a movie. He ended up spending the night at his cousin's house which was fine because I just fell asleep. Monday morning he came home and we ordered pizza at like 11 in the morning (yes I realize that's ridiculous but we were starving and didn't want to cook because it was hot). Then we chilled and watched tons of movies and TV, then we had a fabulous dinner and movie date. We went to PF Changs and then saw Wicker Park which we both LOVED. Very good movie. The night before I had seen Suspect Zero which was good but not as good as Wicker Park. Plus we loved seeing Wicker Park together because it brought us back to our roots and made us both miss Chicago a little bit. Don't get all excited though, we're still both West Coast people for life! (And I kid you not if you would have asked me if I'd EVER end up on the West Coast 2 years ago I would have told you no way, no how. It is insane that I'm here and love it so much!)

So things with Doug are okay. We've had a lot of fun this weekend but we still live 963.6 miles away from each other 90% of the time. I don't know what will happen, I guess only time will tell. Hopefully things will all work out and in any case I know that all things will work out for the best in a greater sense anyway. That's just not what I want to happen! We'll see. Tonight I'm going to hang out with Terry Miller which will bring me back to the good old days of Northwestern and the Elder Hall gang. If only Lucy could be here too. It should be a good time. Doug's hoping to tag along too since he loves meeting new people in LA. So hopefully that will be cool with Terry. I love Terry because he is the most chill and funny person I know. I expect nothing but a good time tonight. Tomorrow morning I'll be back on my LAX --> PDX route that I'm sure (hopefully) will become quite familiar soon, just as ORD --> LAX was once so typical of me. It will be interesting because I of course have to work tomorrow night so I need to try to get a few hours of sleep in on the plane and when I get home so that I can survive the night. I have a feeling Thursday morning is going to be some goooooood sleep. :)

So this weekend was a little bit more exciting than my weekends have been lately, mainly just because I have a partner in crime I guess. It sure does change things. Once fall starts and things at church get going and I see more of my old friends from Oregon and meet new ones, I think things will start to look up again too. I need a new singles group somewhere too... the one at my church is being a little weird lately and I'm not sure if it's right for me. We'll see! I'll keep you posted. To be honest I've been struggling a little bit lately and I feel very refreshed after this weekend and excited to go back and be more exciting. We'll see if that really happens. :) I can always put some more miles on Jake and go exploring the great Pacific Northwest.

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RJB said...

Regarding your first paragraph:

I understand and sympathize. When I talk to someone I haven't seen in a while, they invariably ask what's new, and my reply is usually, "Honestly, not much." Don't get me wrong, I stay active and I find my life fulfilling, but my days are pretty predictable.

It makes me appreciate the little things - the people and places and things and interactions that differentiate each day - even more.