Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Yup, I'm totally a slacker when it comes to my Blogging. I'm okay with that. See, here's the deal. I do nothing cool during the week when I'm at work. I guess that's the time when I should vent about random stuff and/or try to be funny. Maybe I'll make that a goal for this week. Check back tomorrow and see if there's another blog from me, then you'll know if it actually happened or not. But anyway, during the weekend I'm so busy trying to do cool stuff that I don't have time to sit around and tell you people about it! So here's the lowdown from this weekend:

Saturday: GREAT night. Went downtown to Barracuda with a bunch of random people. Had a great night -- met lots of fun folks, had a great time dancing, saw a few fights, and generally had all around fun. 4 stars for Saturday.
Sunday: The first church service held in the new sanctuary of Sunset! It was great! BUT, I didn't know that they had new start times!! The old 8:45 was now at 9 and the 10:30 was at 11. So I got there waaaay too early. It's okay, I just chilled and waiting for things to get going. In good news there is now a 5 PM service on Sundays which will be GREAT for me when I have to work on Saturday nights and really want that Sunday morning sleep. Also, the senior pastor was back from vacation and every year he sings a song about what he and his family did on vacation. They have 9 kids so it's always especially amusing. This was the 2nd year I had the chance to hear it, and I found out that he does it to the same tune every year. GOOD TIMES! Then my aunt and uncle and a friend of theirs was in town, so I had lunch with them, then gave them a tour of Intel and went to Tillamook, then had dinner at Thai Orchaid. Yuuumm. Sunday is 3 stars.
Monday: SUPER fun day. Went to Kristie's apartment, who is an OM on shift 6 (my job, my shift) in a different factory (right next door, I can walk to her cube in 2 minutes). She lives RIGHT near me, about a 1 minute walk! So we chilled there and then ended up going to Portland City Grill for happy hour -- AMAZING drinks and appetizers. If you come to visit me in Portland I promise to take you there and you will be VERY VERY happy I did, I think. You should be happy, anyway. It's a really great place. I can't wait to go back. Then we went to Geoff's house and played many board games with Geoff and Dave (some Hearts, then Settlers, then Puerto Rico). 4 stars for Monday
Tuesday: Another great one! Kristie had a dinner party with me and a few engineers who work in her factory. SUPER good food... she's a great cook! I went over and helped her out a little early, then we enjoyed great food, wine, company, and dessert. Then I met up with a woman on my shift in my factory and another woman who works the same shift, same job, in an entirely different factory for a late happy hour at Stanfords and then a late showing of The Bourne Supremacy. 4 stars for Tuesday!

Just an absolutely fabulous weekend... so great having 4 day weekends every other week now that I know what to do with them! And I didn't even mention the shopping I did, chocolate chip cookies I made, or all the reading I did for my new Book Club that meets at Kristie's next week (with a lot of IEs from my old group, YAY!). Definitely good times all around!

More soon. :) :)

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