Friday, September 24, 2004


I kid you not, I wrote this great post last night that was not on my life at all, but rather quite amusing commentary about the Bachelor. I won't recreate it all because I spent the entire course of the show watching it, but this is the gist of my favorite part.

The Bachelor goes on and on about how he wants to find "unconditional love again" which I think is the biggest oxymoron in the world. If it was unconditional, why wouldn't you still have it? Why would you need to find it again? So then finally some girl challenges him on it, and he is like "yeah, well, it's hard to love someone who's never around". It's HARD?! Is that the best you can say? Of course! Marriage is hard! But unconditional love allows for hard... it allows for anything. HENCE, UN-conditional.


So much more to say... interesting things are happening. EXCITING things are happening... one could maybe even say ER nights are back. Since I know only about 20 people in the world know what that means, and no one from college or beyond, I'll just leave you with that. And that it's not with who you might think. :)

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