Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sitcom Drama!

Patrick sent me a little TV show quiz and said he got 49 / 50 right. The game was tiny pictures of a still shot of a particular show and you had to come up with the title of the show. I got 11 / 50 (ALF, MASH, I Love Lucy, Will and Grace, Growing Pains, Friends, Who's the Boss, Mad About You, Saved By the Bell, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Murphy Brown). Then I asked Geoff for help. He immediately got Two and a Half Men, Frasier, Third Rock From the Sun, That 70's Show, and The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire (I tried to get that but I didn't put THE).

So here's where it starts getting a little ridiculous. I try to think back to my childhood and remember shows my mom would have on - Taxi, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, etc. There were several shows with black families on there, so I kept yelling "227!!!" "Different Strokes!!!" I remember watching 227 a time or two when I was younger, but I don't ever remember seeing Different Strokes. Geoff, youngin' that he is, doesn't remember either. Then I saw who I SWEAR was Archie Bunker from All In the Family, but it wasn't. Geoff googles "sitcom with two black kids" and it comes up with Diff'rent Strokes... I of course yell "Different Strokes!!!" again, and Geoff was like "get over it already!" But I pointed out that it SAID Different Strokes... so we put that in and it was RIGHT! Does the guy from Diff'rent Strokes look like Archie? Then Geoff gets all google happy and googles "sitcom in the navy" for McHale's Navy which he claims to have heard of, "sitcom with George" for The George Lopez Show, which he also claims to have heard of, and sitcom with USMC for Gomer Pyle which neither of us have ever heard of. I somehow come up with Coach just on my own, and Geoff says "who's that guy stuck on the island?" and I say "Gilliagan?" and he gets "Gilligan's Island". And since I had mentioned Taxi, Geoff somehow identifies the people from Taxi (I thought they were Three's Company) so we got that one too. We're up to 23/50. WITH Google and the two of us combined, we're still not half what Patrick got.

Here are some that we have WRONG (what we guessed which is the WRONG answer and what the picture looks like) - edited later to add in the real answer now that Patrick sent me answers!

Donnie and Marie - no idea what this one could be, that was my guess but it's wrong. Two people that look SUPER happy and are sort of posed together but not in any setting. Looks like an American flag behind them. - this is Bewitched

Different Strokes - A black family, looks like a mom and a dad, maybe an aunt or a much older sister, and 4 kids. - this is Moesha

Mr. Belvedere - A man with glasses and a guy sipping coffee in a radio studio. - this is WKRP in Cincinnati

227 - Two black men standing next to each other - this is Good Times

Growing Pains - Two white boys (okay, one may be a girl) that are sort of hugging in front of a railroad crossing sign. - this is Silver Spoons

Prefect Strangers - A guy who I swear is Balki (Geoff says "who's Balki?") sitting on a couch talking to another dude. - this is Three's Company

Law and Order - 3 guys, 2 sitting on a red couch and one sitting on the arm of the couch. This is definitely a current show, but I can't identify it. - this is Entourage

The Adams Family - Geoff says "who are these Frankenstein looking people?" and I say "the Adams Family?" but that's not right. There is one normal looking woman in pink and 4 freak looking men/boys. All in front of a Model T lookin' car. - this is Munsters

Barney Miller - 2 guys in suits (one a uniform type thing) in front of encyclopedias. - this is Night Court

227 - Yes, again. Mom, Dad, and 5 kids? - this is A Different World

Taxi - I also guessed The Mary Tyler Moore show for this. Two women, one with red hair and one with long blonde hair. - this is One Day at A Time

227 - Times 3! 2 black teenagers and 1 white teenager in a school setting. - this is Welcome Back Kotter

Reba - A redheaded woman, a black man, and 2 other white women. - this is Designing Women

Seinfeld - Geoff guessed this, I knew it wasn't that, but it's also at school - an adult holding a baseball with 4 students around him. - this is Head of the Class

Hope you've enjoyed some laughter at my expense, epecially hearing what I think about some of the shows and then what they REALLY were!

A note of clarification, I am not trying to say that I think every African American family looks the same. I can just think of only a few black sitcoms, so I kept trying those.

Hey, this is my 500th post ever. YAY! :)

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oma said...

I forget how old I am -- and how young you and Geoffrey are -- what you need is Julie's age group for the inbetween ages and together we would know all the sitcoms. I knew every one that you and/or Geoff wondered about.